What Is Shea Butter And How To Use It? Top 10 Health Benefits

What Is Shea Butter And How To Use It? Top 10 Health Benefits

Do you want to use shea butter? You may be looking for relevant information that guides you through the health benefits of Unrefined Shea Butter. In this post, we will discuss the ways shea butter is good for your health. Moreover, we will cover some essential aspects of Shea Butter. It includes how to use it and what side effects it may have. So, if you are ready to try this west African Shea Butter, let us help you understand everything about unrefined or as it is Shea Butter.

What Is Unrefined Shea Butter?

Shea Butter is made up Fat, extracted from the nuts from the Shea tree. Shea trees belong to West Africa. Even at warm temperatures, Shea Butter remains solid. You can see its color is off-white ivory. Most of Shea Butter, which is available throughout the world has been coming from the West Africa region.

Why Is Shea Butter Used?

Do you know that Shea Butter is available as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries? The reason is that vitamins and fatty acids are highly available in Shea nuts. Moreover, the consistency of Shea Butter helps you spread it quickly. So, you can say this Butter is one of the best products from cosmetic ingredients you can use for soothing, conditioning your skin, and smoothening.

Shea Butter Nutrition Facts: Calories, Carbs, and Health Benefits

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Why Is it Used?

While considering chemical makeup, you can use Shea Butter. The reason is the following helpfulness of it.

  • It helps balance the oils on the skin due to stearic, oleic fatty acids, linoleic, and palmitic.
  • Shea Butter improves circulation and promotes healthy skin cell growth because of vitamins like A, E, and F.
  • It comes with cetyl esters that conditions skin to lock the moisture. Cetyl esters are the waxy part of Shea Butter.
  • It also nourishes and conditions your skin through triglycerides. It is a fatty part of Shea Butter.

Things To Consider Before Using this type of Butter:

Even though a significant portion of Shea Butter comes from West Africa to the market, you need to understand a few things.

In many places, manufacturers make Shea Butter. So, the quality and proportions of exact makeups depend on the areas where they harvest them.

Some products have mixed ingredients with Shea Butter. It may include tea tree oil, lavender oil, and more.

How Can You Use Shea Butter?

Using unrefined Shea Butter is easy, and either you can use it for your skin or hair. Let us discuss it with you.

Use Shea Butter On Skin:

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If you want to directly apply Butter on your skin, you can do it. Use unrefined or raw Butter because you can apply it quickly due to its easy spreadability. Here is the process for how to do it.

  • Take a teaspoon of Shea Butter on your fingers.
  • Rub that portion of skin that you want to another.
  • Keep rubbing it over there until you see it completely absorbed in the skin.

However, if you want to apply it on your face, we advise you to rub it in your face at night. The reason is that Shea Butter is slippery. So, it may not allow makeup to adhere to your face.

How To Use Shea Butter On Hair?

You can quickly apply unrefined butter of Shea nuts on your hair. Here are ways how to do it.

Is your hair porous or curly? Use Shea Butter as a conditioner. However, do not wash your head before letting your scalp completely absorb Shea Butter. Moreover, it is good to use a little Shea Butter as a leave-in conditioner.

For thin, fine, and naturally straight fair, you can apply Shea butter on your hair ends.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Shea Butter:

You already know the content of Shea Butter. So, based on that, we will discuss ten health benefits of Unrefined Shea Butter.

Safe For All Skins:

You know this type of Butter is an extract of tree nuts. So, it doesn’t have higher proteins. Hence, it doesn’t have any allergy triggering issues. There is no medical history of patients suffering from allergic issues due to Shea Butter.

Moreover, there is no chemical content in it. So, you won’t feel irritation on your skin. It doesn’t even dry out skins.

Skin Moisturizer/Not Oiling:

Shea Butter contains some fatty acids that make it a natural skin Moisturizer. However, your skin will quickly absorb this butter. It won’t keep it oily. So, if you think it can make your skin oily, don’t worry.

6 reasons to apply some shea butter to your skin today - News | Khaleej Times

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Shea Butter has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. So, it protects your skin against inflammation, slowing down inflammatory cell production.

It comes with vitamins like A and E. It makes shea butter the best anti-aging product through its antioxidant property.

It works as an antibacterial product. So, you can have decreased antibacterial activities, and similarly, its antifungal property helps your skin fight against infection. So, you can keep your skin protected against fungi.

Prevents Acne:

Shea Butter has several fatty acids. So, it can keep your skin clean and remove excess oil. It also restores moisture in your skin. Hence, you can prevent your skin from drying out.

It also prevents scratch marks and scarring and minimalizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It Boosts Collagen Production/Cell Regeneration:

It is possible due to triterpenes in it that boost collagen production. Its moisturizing and antioxidant properties help the skin regenerate new and healthy cells.

Protects Skin Against Sunlight:

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Of course, Shea Butter is not itself a sunscreen. You can not solely depend on it. However, it can protect skin against the sun up to certain limits.

Hair Breakage:

There is no proven evidence that Shea Butter can strengthen your hair. But, this west African plant-based product can be effective as resistant against hair fall.

Treatment Of Dandruff:

If your scalp is dry and irritated, you can use raw or unrefined Shea Butter to prevent dandruff. It helps promote or restore moisture on the scalp. However, there is room for more research to prove this.

Works As Conditioner:

Shea Butter has anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can help you soothe your skin to relieve itching. It also works as a skin conditioner and hair conditioner.

Heal Wounds:

Do you know Shea Butter can heal or promote the healing of wounds? It remodels the tissues and boosts the healing process. Its fatty acids content protects wounds against environmental irritation.

More Benefits Of Shea Butter:

  • There are several other benefits of Shea Butter, apart from the primary benefits discussed above. Let us discuss them below.
  • It can soothe skin burns and sunburn effects.
  • It may soothe insect bites. So, if there is severe pain, swelling, or burning effects, apply it to the area where the insect bit.
  • It can relieve arthritis pain and also protects joints against inflammation.
  • You can take help from Shea Butter to relieve congestion. It can vanish pain from nasal passages if you use its drops.
  • It can also reduce damages caused by mucosal. Mucosal is responsible for nasal congestion.

How To Store Shea Butter?

If you have purchased Shea Butter in bulk, you may be wondering how to store it. Like any other product, you need to keep Shea Butter Below room temperature. But make sure the temperature is just slightly below the room’s temperature. This way, it can stay solid for long, and you can quickly spread it.

What Are The Side-effects And Risks Of Using Shea Butter?

There are some possible side-effects of Shea Butter, even though you can not find evidence of shea butter allergies. Many people with tree nut allergies can use it on their skin.

Still, do not forget that you must discontinue using Shea Butter if you find some inflammation or irritation on or around where you use it.

If it happens, you require emergency medical facilities when you feel severe pain, swelling, or difficulty in breathing.

The Popular Health Claims of Shea Butter Are Not Supported by Science

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How To Choose Shea Butter?

If you want to get as many benefits of Shea Butter as possible, try only a raw or unrefined Shea Butter. If the Shea Butter is too processed, it doesn’t have all the nutritional properties. Also, if you find something exciting in taste, color, and consistency, beware of it. It may not have nutrients. To make sure you purchase the right product, read the following.

Shea Butter comes in A to F grades. A grade is the purest form. You can buy raw Shea Butter to help the community that harvests it.

Many companies and manufacturers ruin the quality and purity of the product.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood everything about unrefined Shea Butter? We started working on the basics of Shea Butter and how it comes from its origin. Also, we have discussed the top 10 Health Benefits Of raw Shea Butter. We explained how you would use Shea Butter on your skin and hair. If you have purchased it in bulk, you can store it slightly below room temperature.

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