Sweet White Wine Types and What They Go Best With

Sweet White Wine Types and What They Go Best With

Are you looking for sweet white wine types? Well, beginners who enter the world of wine start looking for sweet white wines! These have a much more subtle taste which helps them adjust their palate to alcohol initially.

But finding the right sweet white wine can be confusing when a beginner is at a wine store. With such a variety available, one might easily go wrong! So, if you are new to the world of wine and are looking for sweet white wine types, scroll down! We will give you a complete guide that will make your wine tasting experience go to an extraordinary level.

How manufacturers make sweet white wine?

The manufacturers follow a process known as noble rot to make sweet white wine. You will find the makers allow the grapes to decay on the vines. Through this process, the sugar content of the grapes increases, eventually making your wine sweet.

The makers harvest the grapes late to produce sweet wine, and they mostly use white grapes to make white wine. However, in the case of Port Wine, the manufacturers do not let the grapes ferment themselves fully.

Just prior to fermentation, makers take a higher alcoholic content brandy and pour it over the grapes. And this destroys the yeast that is left in the grapes. So, you get a minimum amount of sugar in the wine.

A few producers even add sweetened grape juice after fermentation which is often referred to as ‘sussreserve’ in German. It is translated to sweet reserve in English. However, if you are on a diet or are overweight, sweet white wine is not right for you, as it is high in calories.

Sweet white wine has a subtle, crisp, and fruit flavor to it. So, it attracts beginners and gives them a chance to have alcohol without getting the exact taste.

If you belong to the United States, you will know it is white wine by the grape varieties mentioned on the bottle. However, in Europe, the regions are on the bottle rather than its grape varieties.

Sweet white wine types

As we know everything about the process of making sweet white wine, let us check out some types you can try your hands-on. Let us check out the following sweet white wine types below:


Is Chardonnay sweet? Well, this is a common question that people look for when they are searching for sweet white wine types.

Chardonnay is one of the safest options that people choose when it comes to white wine. But you can be wrong if you completely hold onto this. At times, Chardonnay contains a much more aggressive and full-bodied taste.

The taste of Chardonnay differs from one region to another. But generally, it contains a full and fruity flavor. You will find the taste of the American Chardonnay to have much more ‘buttery’ and creamy flavor.

So, if you are a beginner when choosing white wines, it is best you go for the American blend Chardonnay. But it is safer always to read what the label tells you before you buy yourself a bottle.

What food does Chardonnay pair best with?

Well, if you are choosing an American Chardonnay, you can go for any creamy food items. A plate of creamy mushroom or chicken can pair well with a glass of this white wine.

But if you choose the Chablis from France, it is best to have it with oysters.

So, it is advisable always to check what the label says when you are choosing a chardonnay!

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Moscato is a type of sweet white wine that is not sickly sweet. It has a fresh and bright taste. And it is surely drinkable! If you are taking baby steps into the world of wine tasting, Moscato can be a great one!

The Moscato wasn’t as famous as it is right now! It brings about a distinct taste that makes wine lovers enjoy the taste of this wonderful alcohol.

People are gradually discovering the super versatile wine and falling for it more and more! What’s more? It pairs so well with so many different types of food items. Moscato lovers give a ‘Wow’ expression when they drink this beverage!

What food does Moscato pair best with?

When you are thinking of getting yourself a Moscato, be sure that this goes well with a crispy salad.

Also, a big shout to all spicy food lovers! If you love the spicy foods stinging your lips, then the Moscato is a great option for you! The taste of Moscato only complements the taste of spicy foods.

Sauvignon Blanc

When you are taking baby steps into the world of wine, one always loves a wine that has a fruity hint in it! So, you can choose the Sauvignon Blanc if you love your wine to have the presence of this taste!

But it is best you note that the Sauvignon Blanc has a much more acidic taste than Chardonnays.

The New Zealand variety of Sauvignon Blanc has a lovely grape-like taste that attracts all wine consumers! And what’s the best part about this?

You don’t really require any foods to pair up with this beverage, and it alone can give you an extraordinary feeling.

What food does Sauvignon Blanc pair best with?

Any kind of cheese can accompany the Sauvignon Blanc well. It complements the taste of the wine. The Sauvignon Blanc that has a more mineral-ly flavor will taste best with seafood.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is another wine that has the capability to please every beginner into the world of wine. It has a dry, crisp and fruity flavor to it. You will notice that the hue of this wine is slightly yellowish with a straw-like tint.

When you have a sip of this wine, you are sure to get the taste of green apple, which makes this a favorite for all wine lovers. What’s more? You can order this wine and be sure that the flavor is almost the same no matter where it is made in the world.

Pinot Grigio in Italian is known as ‘’Pinot Gris’’. So, make sure you aren’t confusing yourself when you are ordering this wine! Tasting this wine can be easily comparable to your experience of ordering a McDonald’s burger in a different country.

The experience might not be the same, but you know it is going to be similar to French fries and burger patties coming your way!

What food does Pinot Grigios pair best with?

Since we’ve already given you a brief that the Pinot Grigios has dominating fruity notes, you need to choose the accompaniments minutely.

You can order a nice robust salad or a mushroom creamy pasta along with this wine. And if you are full on your tummy, you can go for this wine plain!


If you are looking for sweet white wine types, they can also be a great choice. Gewurztraminer has dominant floral notes, but it is mild and soft. Moreover, this wine can easily give your tongue a beautiful velvety coat.

The origin of this wine goes down to the northern part of France. Since it is extremely cold in the northern part of France, the grapes take a longer time to get ripe. So, this wine is slightly sweeter than the other ones mentioned on the sweet white types list.

It is indeed sweeter than the Moscato but not as sugary sweet as the Riesling. People usually underrate this wine, but it can be ideal among the sweet wines for beginners.

What food does Gewürztraminer pair best with?

If you love spicy foods, then this wine can be the best choice. The spice present in Asian dishes will complement the taste of this wine quite well, giving you a pleasant feeling.

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People usually refer to this wine as a dessert wine for the presence of ripe grapes. So, if you are taking baby steps into this world, you must give this wine a try!

Sweet White Wine Types


Viognier is also a full-body wine and has some similarities with the Chardonnay. However, the taste vastly varies according to the producer of the wine. At times, you find a slight hint of apricot or peach that hits your nose.

When you sip this wine, you will get a nice and creamy texture that will give your tongue a nice coating. So, you can count Viognier among the sweet white wines for beginners to try!

What food does Viognier pair best with?

Another versatile wine that goes well with salads is Viognier. You can also order some garlic-grilled shrimps with this wine. The flavors of the food will simply cut through and give you a refreshing feeling.


Another popular wine that people must try among the sweet white wines is Riesling. It is sickly sweet. So, if you are not someone who likes their wine to be excessively sweet, then this one might not be the ideal wine choice for you.

It does have an oily body to it, which gives it some amount of weight. So, if you want a really sweet – sweet wine, Riesling can be the best one for you.

What food does Riesling taste best with?

Since this wine is more like a dessert, you can try it with some summer fruit cobbler salad. Otherwise, pair it with something completely opposite, which is spice! Select a lovely Asian spicy dish, and take a glass of Riesling wine! The spice and sweetness will give your tongue sparkling kisses!

Ice wines

Ice wines are also among the extremely sweet white wine types. However, it does have a light and mild flavor, which builds up the character of ice wines.

You will find every variety of ice wine to have a perfect palate balance. Ice wines can be white and red as well.

The ones made using white grapes have a golden-ish hue and taste a lot like you are eating the flesh of the peach. It has a full body which makes it extremely luscious for beginners.

Vidal is a grape variety that is especially used to make Ice wine in Canada. Ice wine is much more expensive in comparison to other white wines because of the process it involves.

The snow-covered on the grapes at a minus temperature allows the rotting of these grapes.  Moreover, the entire process involves a very big workforce, making it impossible to produce this wine at a low price.

At times, manufacturers have to wait for many years if there isn’t any snow. More so, this also implies that the manufacturing of ice wine restricts itself to a few places where there is a guarantee of snowfall.

What food does ice wine pair best with?

Its extremely sweet taste limits itself to a dessert wine. So, you can indeed try out some dessert along with it. There are hints of papaya and pineapple, which complements the taste of cheesecake, chocolate mousse, or ice cream.

If you are not a big fan of dessert, you can choose the foods that have some fat present in them. Some of your options can be beef, cheese, sausages, creamy pasta, or pork! But remember, the sugar content in ice wine is extremely high! So, keep a check on how much you consume and what foods you are pairing the wine with.

White Wine Sweetness Chart

Here we have made a white wine sweetness chart that will make it easier for you to choose the best sweet white wine for yourself. Check out the chart below:

White wine typesSweetness Level
Ice wine/RieslingExtremely sweet (more than 7)
Moscato/ GewürztraminerSweet (5-6)
ViognierMedium (4-3)
Chardonnay/Pinot GrisOff-dry (1-2)
Sauvignon BlancVery dry (0 -0)

Final Thoughts

Now that we have come to the end of our article ‘sweet white wine types,’ we hope you have all the information you were looking for! But always keep in mind that all these wines are extremely high in calories. So, if you consume too much of these, it might contribute to your weight.

Consume these in moderation, and you’re good to go! Sweet wines are extremely delicious, and no one can just stop at one glass!

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