Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts and its Health Benefits

Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts and its Health Benefits

If you’re stressed over whether sweet potatoes are excessively sweet for your low-sugar eating plan, don’t surrender. This article will share the Sweet potato nutrition facts and low glycemic food that can be delighted in an assortment of scrumptious dishes. The cooking strategies and fixings you use to get ready sweet potatoes can represent the moment of truth their soundness factor. Here’s the lowdown on this well-known veggie. 

Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts 

Carbs: Some crude sweet potatoes has 26 grams of carbs, with 5 to 6 grams of normally happening sugar and around 4 grams of fiber. The glycemic list (GI) of sweet potato changes dependent on the arrangement strategy and assortment. Bubbled sweet potatoes may have a GI as low as 41, while the estimation of cooked sweet potatoes can be as high as 93.2. 

Fats: Sweet potatoes are totally sans fat except if fat is added while cooking. 

Protein: A cup of crude sweet potato gives around 2 grams of protein. 

Nutrients and Minerals: Sweet potatoes are particularly high in nutrient An and potassium. They likewise give some calcium, iron, magnesium, and folate. 

Medical advantages 

Sweet potatoes are a filling vegetable with bright, wellbeing boosting supplements. Here are a couple of the advantages of adding sweet potatoes to your eating regimen. 

May Aid Cancer Prevention 

Sweet potatoes are wealthy in cell reinforcements that have been read for malignancy counteraction and treatment. Specifically, purple sweet potatoes are high in anthocyanins, which seem to advance apoptosis (or modified cell passing) of disease cells. While more examination is required on the full advantages of sweet potato for malignancy, there are negligible dangers related to eating sweet potatoes for the vast majority. 

Ensures Vision 

Beta carotene, which is fundamental for eye wellbeing, is bountiful in sweet potatoes. A cup of sweet potatoes gives 11.3 milligrams of beta carotene. Supplementation of 15 milligrams of beta carotene is demonstrated to ensure against age-related macular degeneration, particularly when joined with nutrient C, zinc, and copper (likewise normally found in sweet potatoes).

Supports Cardiovascular Health 

The anthocyanins in sweet potatoes are likewise connected with mitigating impacts that lessen the danger of coronary illness. Certain favorable to incendiary cytokines seem, by all accounts, to be stifled in light of purple sweet potato extract. Additionally, the fiber in any vegetable is known to decrease cholesterol, while sweet potatoes’ high potassium levels keep pulse down.

Helps Diabetes Management 

The American Diabetes Association believes sweet potato to be a low GI food that fits well into a good dieting plan for diabetes board. Sweet potatoes are a decent method to adjust the admission of higher GI food sources, similar to pineapples or pasta. Supplanting customary potatoes with sweet potatoes will supplement your supper with potassium, nutrient A, nutrient C, and fiber.

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Sweet potatoes are not a typical allergen, but rather the idea of food hypersensitivities is that they can create at any stage in light of food. Symptoms may go from rashes, spewing, or growing to hypersensitivity, which is conceivably life-compromising. If you presume a hypersensitivity to sweet potatoes, see your PCP for an individual assessment. 

Antagonistic Effects 

There are not many unfavorable impacts related to the utilization of sweet potato. One negligible result of eating a high volume of beta-carotene-rich veggies, similar to sweet potatoes, carrots, or pumpkin, is that your skin can start to take on an orange hint. This shading is the aftereffect of a remarkable condition called carotenemia. Although it might appear disturbing, carotenemia isn’t really perilous and ought to die down all alone with a more adjusted admission of an assortment of nourishments. 


There are two primary assortments of sweet potatoes: dry-fragile living creature and sodden flesh. Dry tissue sweet potatoes have tan-hued skin and a lighter substance that is higher in starch. Damp tissue sweet potatoes have a hazier skin with a more extravagant orange inside. Soggy tissue sweet potatoes taste sweeter and are all the more normally accessible in the store. 

Under these two general classifications, a few extraordinary types of sweet potatoes change in the nation of inception, shape, shading, size, and taste. Models incorporate Kumara sweet potatoes, Jersey sweet potatoes, and Cuban sweet potatoes. The expression “Sweet potato nutrition facts” is regularly utilized conversely with sweet potatoes; notwithstanding, genuine, sweet potatoes come from a totally different plant. Regardless, it’s normal to see sweet potatoes marked as sweet potatoes in the United States. 

How to make it Best 

Pick new sweet potatoes that are substantial for their size, hard, smooth, and liberated from wounds. Watch out for wilted skin, dim spots, or spaces, as these are normal indications of decay. If you see a sweet potato that has grown, it’s actually alright to eat (just cut out the fledglings). You can discover sweet potatoes in most supermarkets whenever of the year. 

Capacity and Food Safety 

Rather than putting away sweet potatoes in the cooler, keep them in a cool, dry, dim spot. The ideal stockpiling temperature for new sweet potatoes is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, where they will save for about a month or more. Suppose put away at hotter temperatures, attempt to utilize sweet potatoes inside seven days to forestall spoilage. When you’re prepared to utilize your sweet potatoes, clean the skin with a vegetable brush under running water. Dry with a paper towel. After sweet potatoes have been cut or cooked, store them in a hermetically sealed holder in the fridge for use within 5 days. 

The most effective method to Prepare 

Sweet potatoes can be bubbled, prepared, cooked, barbecued, whipped, pureed, and, less preferably, seared. They can fill in as a side dish or be prepared into plates of mixed greens, stew, biscuits, pies, and bread. Make them hot with stew powder or somewhat sweet with cinnamon and nutmeg. To save time, you can undoubtedly heat your sweet potatoes in the microwave. The skin won’t be as firm; however, the sweet potato will be delectable regardless.

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If you are crushing or whipping your sweet potatoes, skip fixings like hefty cream and add some rosemary and Parmesan rather for a flavorful style. Likewise, you can make sweet potato French “fries” in the broiler by preparing them at high warmth for certain spices a lot. Have sweet potatoes with breakfast, lunch, or supper. They’re nutritious, reasonable, and flexible fixing

What makes it the ideal nourishment for weight reduction?

  • Sweet potatoes have lesser calories than potatoes have. So having a medium-sized heated or simmered sweet potato for bites may not damage your weight reduction objectives. 
  • Sweet potatoes come stacked with fiber, particularly when presented with the skin on. Dietary fiber will, in general, retain water, causing you to feel more full, further assisting you with adhering to a calorie-limited eating regimen. Standard potatoes are low in fiber content, making them less sound than their partners. 
  • The high water content in sweet potatoes makes them extraordinary for weight reduction. Drying out hinders your digestion, further causing the weight to acquire and other medical issues. Burning-through sweet potato helps rehydrate your cells and lift metabolic action in the body. This, thus, will help keep your body from amassing fat, balance the common pH levels and flush out poisons.
  • Sweet potatoes are known to lessen your craving. An examination distributed in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that sweet potatoes can recoil fat cells. 
  • Sweet potatoes are wealthy in significant supplements, which can help you stay sound as you get thinner. 
  • They are considered low-glycemic food sources that don’t cause a momentary spike in glucose levels, further keeping up weight proficiently. An insecure blood glucose level can cause conditions like corpulence and diabetes. 

Are sweet potatoes swelling? 

Both sweet potatoes and white potatoes are supplemented with thick sugar decisions. Nor are swelling when an individual eats them as a feature of a balanced eating regimen. White potatoes are somewhat more caloric than sweet potatoes, yet the difference is irrelevant. 

How to pick the best sweet potato and how to store it? 

Albeit sweet potato leaves are being eaten in certain pieces of the world, its root is the toast of sweet potato sweethearts. In the business sectors, purchase new tubers with flawless, smooth skin and firm consistency. Go for natural assortments for best taste and nutrition levels. Stay away from delicate, heavy, or shriveled roots. Likewise, please keep away from those sound woody on the surface as they will generally be abundant in fiber and unappetizing. As in potatoes, growing would cause them to lose flavor and undesirable. Wash them in clean running water to eliminate sand and soil. They ought to be put away in a cool, dim, and all-around ventilated spot.


So, we have studied everything about the sweet potato nutrition facts, its health benefits, way to select and store it. We have also known which are the minerals in sweet potato, making it so health-oriented. If you go to some gym trainer or dietician, they will suggest you eat a sweet potato in the first place. They will stop you from consuming that normal potato we used to eat.

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