Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar: How to Consume It Safely?

Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar: How to Consume It Safely?

With all the health trends going around, the one that has made quite a headline is the trend of taking a shot of apple cider vinegar every day. This healthiness trend claims to be working like magic regarding weight loss and immunity boost. However, there are always facts and myths related to any trend. So, read on to know all the real facts about taking shots of ACV.

What is ACV?

Before delving into the details of the facts and myths of taking a shot of apple cider vinegar every day, it is better to have a clear idea of what ACV is. In the simplest terms, ACV is apple juice that has been fermented. It naturally contains specific vitamins like B2, B1, C, B6, biotin, folic acid, potassium, and magnesium.

ACV also happens to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It has been one of the most common home remedies for a long time and is often used in cooking. Besides helping one lose weight, ACV also helps in lessening blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol levels, and helping with the symptoms of diabetes.

Benefits of taking a shot of apple cider vinegar:

Let us now look at the claims regarding the benefits that one can have by taking apple cider vinegar shots:

  • Loss of unwanted weight
  • A boosted-up immunity system
  • Enhances digestive system
  • Controlled blood sugar
  • Reduced appetite.

apple cider vinegar for weight loss in 1 week

Facts about a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar

Though the claims mentioned above are made about the benefits of taking ACV shots, the various reputable medical sources do not encourage it. ACV has been used in cooking for ages but taking it directly as shots do not have any proven health benefit. Moreover, being too acidic, taking shots of ACV might harm the enamel of one’s teeth and also cause damage to the esophagus and the lungs.

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How should ACV be used instead?

Now that you know that taking a shot of apple cider vinegar does not help much, you should know the other ways of using it for health benefits. Here are some ways you can use ACV to get the maximum out of this home remedy:

Dilute it

One of the best ways of taking ACV is diluting it instead of taking direct shots. You can dilute it with water and consume it during the morning or before having a meal. In that way, you will be able to reduce the impact of the acid and yet make the most out of ACV.

Use it as a cooking ingredient:

This is another excellent way of taking ACV rather than shots. Several recipes include the use of ACV as an ingredient. If you are keen on consuming apple cider vinegar regularly, you should get your hands on such recipes and safely use ACV without causing harm to yourself.

Meal Plan

Major benefits of ACV

Now that you know the different ways of using ACV for your health let us look at the benefits that ACV can offer you.

It can help to kill dangerous bacteria

According to studies, vinegar can help in killing pathogens, and it includes bacteria as well. Traditionally, vinegar helped disinfect, clean, treat lice, nail fungus, ear infections, and warts.

Vinegar also helps preserve food, and studies have shown it to inhibit certain bacteria like E. Coli from growing in the food and spoiling it. If you search for a natural way to preserve your food, you can opt for different ACV uses.

There is also the claim that ACV can help with acne when diluted and used on the skin. However, there is no reliable research that proves this claim.

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Helps in losing weight:

Studies have proven that vinegar does help people to lose weight. There is proof that vinegar leads to feelings of being full and therefore leading towards eating fewer calories. As a result, one loses weight.

However, merely including ACV in your diet will not radically help you lose weight. You will have to follow a proper and active lifestyle and maintain your diet to lose weight and maintain it.

apple cider vinegar for weight loss in 1 week

Enhances the health of the skin:

In various skin conditions like eczema and dry skin, ACV often comes as a natural remedy. Given that the skin is a bit acidic in nature, using ACV helps rebalance the skin’s natural amount of pH. Moreover, this helps in improving the protective barrier of the skin.

ACV has proven antibacterial properties. Therefore, theoretically, it can help with different skin conditions, including eczema. On the other hand, using alkaline cleansers or soaps can worsen eczema and irritability.

However, despite the benefits ACV has on the skin, it is better to talk to your healthcare provider before trying it on your skin. Using raw ACV on your skin might cause burns because of its acid content, and therefore you must avoid it. If you use ACV for your skin problems, make sure you dilute it well.

These are the primary things you need to know regarding taking a shot of apple cider vinegar. Given that it is a popular health trend that has been going around, it has its share of myths associated with it. It would help if you had a clear idea about the benefits you can have from having ACV and the ways of having them.

It is not very wise to take ACV shots daily as it would instead harm your health than boosting it. Suppose you have ongoing conditions like diabetes or issues of obesity. In such cases, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before consuming ACV regularly. Using ACV alone might not prove to be fruitful for your health conditions, and therefore it is essential to consult a physician.

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