Minced Garlic to Cloves Ratio and Measurement for Accurate Seasoning

Minced Garlic to Cloves Ratio and Measurement for Accurate Seasoning

Garlic is as versatile as potatoes but as a seasoning. One can never get enough of having garlic, and a range of cooking spectrum has access to myriad usage of garlic. Often, due to these usages, many cooks and chefs use minced garlic to cloves ratios. So, here let’s take a look at how much minced garlic is present in a clove.

Measuring minced garlic to cloves

You can use garlic in several ways. A whole piece of garlic in a chicken gravy is something worth photographing. If you want to cook something more delicate and smooth, then use minced garlic. Well, this measurement varies a great deal.

Let’s first understand the garlic’s anatomy. When you visit a supermarket to buy garlic, you buy the garlic head. The name also knows it of bulb of the garlic.

Once you break that bulb, you get little fragments, and once you know the number of such fragments into which the garlic head broke apart, you will get the hang of the counts of garlic had that will last till following week’s shopping spree.

If you want to use the garlic in some preparation, you can convert minced garlic to cloves, or use individual cloves, or only the minced garlic.

Minced Garlic to Cloves Ratio and Measurement for Accurate Seasoning

Steps to measure minced garlic cloves

Minced garlic, meaning is representative of garlic chopped into small pieces. Now, if you know how to mince a clove of garlic properly, that will greatly affect your kitchen skills and several dishes that you will cook. However, it’s not a huge task.

Follow these steps to get the hang of mincing garlic like you see a chef doing on the TV.

Step 1

  • The first step is to bring the cloves out from the garlic to mince garlic cloves.
  • Unless you separate cloves from the garlic, you won’t be able to mince it properly.
  • Apply pressure of your palm upon the bulb of the garlic. The cloves will automatically separate.
  • Then peel out the skin in the outer layer.
  • It will have a papery texture, and you will have to pull that out and discard it to get the cloves.
  • You might have small cloves inside the peel, don’t discard them.

Step 2

Many ask how much minced garlic equals one clove; we will return to these measurements later. But for now, you can say that one medium-sized clove is similar to 1 tablespoon of properly minced garlic.

  • After peeling the outer skin of garlic, which is loose than the tight inner skin, you have to peel the inner skin present in each clove.
  • You can cut the clove’s stem end and then squeeze out the clove.
  • You can also cut through the clove gently with your knife unless the skin comes off. But, it would help if you were careful in this because there are chances of mashing the whole cloves in the process.

Step 3

  • After doing this, make clove slices according to their length.
  • Use a sharp-bladed knife but be cautious on small cloves, and don’t cut yourself.
  • You can hold the cloves with your fingertips and then make a bend in your knuckles while pressing into your cutting board.

The process makes the knife sides resting against knuckles, which further leaves a gap between your fingertips and the knuckle, preventing accidents.

You can also hold the knife against your cutting board and then use a rocking motion to slice your garlic gloves instead of using the to and fro motion.

Step 4

  • After this, turn your garlic cloves to a 90-degree and cut them again.
  • After cutting it a second time, you will get more fine mince.
  • The slicing technique is as before.
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You can keep on mincing if you are not happy with the current minced cloves.

Depending upon your recipe, decide if you will need more minced garlic. If that is the case, then use the methods described to keep on mincing the garlic.

How to mince garlic without a knife?

Did you know you can mince a clove of garlic even without using a knife? Well, here’s the surprise. Follow the steps to surprise yourself.

Step 1

  • Peel the garlic cloves in the same way as earlier
  • You will first have to separate the cloves from your garlic head
  • Peel off the skin using your hand
  • Use your fingers to peel off the inner skin surrounding the cloves

Step 2

  • Then you can use a fork, if it’s sturdy enough, to chop the garlic cloves
  • Lay your garlic on your cutting board and get a strong fork
  • Then press fork tines’ bottoms on the garlic hard; the aim is to push the cloves through the fork gaps
  • Repeat the same procedure in a different direction by turning the fork
  • Continue doing this till you get your final minced version of garlic

Then you will have to wipe the leftovers from your fork, and after picking out the stem nub of the garlic, you can use it.

Step 3

If you don’t want to use a knife, you can also use a garlic press. For this:

  • You will have to place a clove in the inner metallic region of the garlic press to mince it
  • Squeezing the handle will make the garlic move through holes present on another half of the garlic press
  • Then after removing the scraps, the chopped garlic is ready for use

Do you know, a mortar and pestle also work similarly?

You can try the micro plane. This is an instrument that looks more like a cheese grater, which is extra fine.

You will get extra-fine chopped garlic very quickly if you use this.

Using a food processor to mince garlic cloves

You can try using a food processor. If you pulse the blades a few times, only you will get finely minced garlic. However, as the food processor blades require a large number of cloves to chop, it will be a little difficult to use it if you have only garlic to chop. So, if you are up for a recipe that requires a larger amount of chops, then here you go. A food processor is your best deal.

So, here you get your desired minced garlic to cloves s and vice versa. But, keep in mind; minced garlic gets burnt easily than cloves. So, be careful while making your darling recipe. Don’t let carelessness ruin it.

How much does 1 clove of garlic equal to?

After we know all these tit-bits about mincing garlic, let’s understand what 1 clove of garlic equals. Generally, they vary greatly in size. You can have tiny ones to a huge clove.

A small clove will measure around one inch, whereas a clove that is a bit bigger in size will be around 1.4 inches. A clove’s diameter means the widest spot in it.

A small clove will have around 3/8 inch to around ½ inch. A clove that is a bit larger might have around 5/8 inch to around ¾ inch. The diameter can go to around one inch wide if the clove is the biggest in the lot.

Mostly we buy the soft neck variety garlic in the market. A clove in that garlic will weigh around four to eight grams. Gourmet and specialty garlic, mostly hardneck varieties, weigh 10 to 16 grams on average.

Guide to use minced garlic in food

Now, often you will come across a question about how much minced garlic is in a clove. Well, it’s like a reverse effect. You chop and mince the cloves first and then apply a reverse effect to see how many garlic cloves come out.

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Jokes apart, you cannot always readily figure out how many cloves are in the head of garlic. So, the recipe requirements might baffle you. But, here is your guide.

The clove numbers will certainly vary with the size of your garlic. But, typically, you have around ten to twelve garlic cloves in garlic which you get from your market.

After mincing it, a small garlic clove will yield around a half tablespoon of garlic paste or minced garlic. If the clove is large, then one and a half tablespoons will easily be covered in a large clove.

A medium clove will produce one teaspoon of paste. So, if your recipe requires around one-fourth of a cup, you will have to take one garlic, which is minced around 12 to medium-sized cloves.

If the cooking is large in quantity, you will have to have one pound of garlic that is completely peeled and that will have around 50 cloves. This will mean you will have nearly three cups of minced garlic.

So, if a general rule is to be followed, around a half teaspoon of garlic minced is contained in one garlic clove.

If the garlic is chopped, then one teaspoon of it will be there in one garlic clove. Two garlic cloves will amount to around two teaspoons of garlic, minced.

Three garlic cloves will lead to one tablespoon of garlic, minced. Two tablespoons of minced garlic are present in six cloves. One-fourth cup minced garlic can be obtained from 12 cloves.

Understanding the quantity of garlic powder

Often we tend o convert 1 clove of garlic to powder. There is a measurement for that also. You can, in fact, use ready-made garlic powder as your substitute for minced or clove garlic. But, obviously, if you cut fresh garlic, its aroma will be much more intense, so will it be the taste of it. The measurement can be like this.

One clove of garlic might be equal to 1/8 teaspoon containing garlic powder. So, if you want to ask how much garlic powder amounts to minced garlic, here is your answer.

1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder will be equal to one teaspoon containing freshly minced garlic. 3/4 teaspoon of powdered garlic will amount to around one tablespoon containing freshly minced garlic.

Once you are well versed in these measurements, no recipe can trouble you!

How to store garlic?

One of the most important questions that further arises is how do you store garlic. Can it rot over time? Well, obviously, it can. However, your storage method will vary with the time duration for which you want to store the garlic.

If you really want to keep it for a shorter span of time, keep the garlic in a cool and dry place. It should also be away from any light source to lengthen its shelf life.

Use anything to pack the garlic, which is not plastic; it will help maintain a reduced humidity parameter. You can use a paper bag. By doing that, it will have the flavor intact for nearly six months.

Preserving garlic

Without peeling garlic, you can store it in your refrigerator. If you wrap it in plastic, the flavor will retain for a maximum of two days.

Garlic, if kept intact and preserved properly, can last for around 12 months. In fact, chopped and minced garlic cloves will stay for a time as long as a year if you keep that in a freezer bag and place that rightly in your refrigerator.

If you are using garlic from your garden, dry them in full sun for several days. Once dried, trim the leaves off the bulb, put the garlic in a paper bag, and place it in a dark, dry, and cool area.

How to use minced garlic in a jar won’t really have a straight answer. In air-tight containers, the humidity will be high. The health benefits of garlic will diminish. So, it is better to store in the ways mentioned above.

Here comes the end of garlic anatomy. So, find your way into the delicious lanes that garlic can create in your food.

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