Know about food to increase platelet count in the human body!!

Know about food to increase platelet count in the human body!!

The human body is made up of a variety of elements. The common elements are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium. There are various cells and tissues present in our body. The human body consists of two types of blood white blood cells and red blood cells. How are platelets involved in blood? Understand the basic food to increase platelet count? What are the basic criteria of platelets in our body?

Are you facing excess bleeding problems in your body? Platelets are the blood cells that will protect your body from bleeding. Platelets act as a protector and will protect your blood vessels from damage.

Have you ever experienced the size of a platelet? At school or college, we visited a Biology Laboratory. The size of the platelet is very small. You cannot observe this with your naked eyes. A microscope is required to look at the size of the platelet. The platelet is associated directly with the bone marrow. You can also observe this in your red as well as white blood cells. There are various types of food to increase platelet count in your body.

Types of platelets and food to increase platelet count

The type of platelets in medical history is known as thrombocytosis. There are two types of platelets one is primary and the other is secondary thrombocytosis. 

  • Primary platelets: – the exact reason for abnormal cells present in bone marrow is not known. The increased level of platelet count in body cells without knowing the reason Is a type of primary platelet.
  •  secondary platelets:- this platelet is similar to primary platelets but the condition is different. The disease is familiar with this type of platelet cancer, infection, anemia.

There are various types of food you need to eat to increase platelet count in your body.

What is meant by low platelet and which food increases it?

The entire fact has some meaning. In medical terms, low platelet is named as thrombocytopenia. To track low platelet for the first time common symptoms is bleeding from the nose, gums. Low platelets can have a severe problem. Some of the problems like cancer, kidney infection. Few platelets can lead to heart attack, strokes. Common symptoms are usually neglected by people. A doctor can guide you for this and never ignore the symptoms.


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Best food to boost your blood platelet count

Medical conditions and diseases are correlated with each other. The low platelet count will cause various diseases. A healthy platelet count is always necessary. The normal and healthy platelet count lies between 160 – 450 billion/L. Foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals are the best food to consume. Below you will get the names of food best for blood platelet count in your body.

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Rich in vitamin C

Foods that are rich in vitamin C will help to increase platelet count. Names of food rich in vitamin C are guava, strawberry, mango, grapes, peas, orange, kiwi. Some other foods are sweet yellow paper, mustard spinach, broccoli, and lemon.

Green leafy vegetables

The green leafy vegetable Spinach, fenugreek leaves, and kale. These vegetables are easy to buy and easy to cook. Green leafy vegetables are also used to cure fevers like dengue, typhoid.

Food rich in folate

Foods that are rich in folate are orange, kidney beans, Black Eyed Peas, peanuts, etc. People suffering from low platelet count can consume this food for high platelet count.

Foods rich in vitamin B12

Foods rich in vitamin B12 are quite common. Foods like egg, milk, cheese, ghee, poultry, etc are best to increase the low platelet count. Not only this food will also reduce the risk of the oral cavity, boost your immunity.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the best health benefits of oil. This oil acts as a healing oil in our food. For low blood platelet count, you can take coconut oil along with the food to increase blood platelet.


Suffering from low platelet blood count? The raisins will help you to improve your low blood platelet count. The low blood platelet count is due to iron deficiency. Food rich in iron such as raisins can solve your problem.


Do you know that pumpkin is rich in vitamins? Food rich in vitamin C and vitamin A can increase your blood platelet level. Orange pumpkin will be good for your health and your immune system.


Have you ever taken the juice of wheatgrass? The juice of white grass will help to increase the blood platelet count. Not only this it is useful and a superfood with other benefits also.  Wheatgrass can improve white blood cell count, hemoglobin, and red blood cell count in our bodies.

Root juice

The use of carrot and beetroot juice is rich in minerals and iron. These two root juice will increase the blood platelet count in your body. If possible you can consume a raw salad of beetroot and carrot.

Non-vegetarian food

Non-vegetarian food like fish, meat is rich in protein. Protein-building food will improve your blood platelet count. Those who love eating non-vegetarian food can eat fish for vitamins and zinc. Chicken, beef, and crap can also be taken.


Suffering from low platelet count and still unaware of papaya benefits. Papaya is such a fruit that can increase your blood platelet count very easily. Research has found that papaya is the only fruit that helps to cure many diseases. This fruit is not so costly and a middle-class person can afford it.

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Iron-rich fruit such as pomegranate will help with low blood platelet count. The choice is whether you take juice or salad. Some fruit doesn’t have any taste but you have to consume it.

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Things to be noted down!

Food is an important fact for high blood platelet count. You should change your habits and points should be noted down.

Leafy vegetables

The leafy vegetables rich in vitamins will improve your blood clot level. Consuming leafy and green vegetables regularly will produce protein in your body. This is the best method to stop your body from bleeding and to improve your platelet level.

The habit of eating fatty fish

Fish for non-vegetarians will increase blood platelet count. The fatty fish rich in vitamins will help in the formation of a red blood cell. Tuna, salmon are fatty fish and should be consumed. You can consume vitamin B12 supplements instead of cooked fish if you don’t prefer eating fish.

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol like beer, the wine will stop the production of a blood cell. It will damage your bone, red blood cells. Excess use of alcohol will destroy your bone marrow. Try to avoid alcohol and keep your blood platelet count up to mark.

Consume citrus food

Citrus food like lemon, grapes, oranges, or fresh juice will make your day. A huge amount of food rich in vitamin C will boost up your platelet count. Along with vitamin C, the intake of Iron-rich food is also important. Direct food or fruit consumption will keep the problem of constipation away. You can avoid the supplements and depends on direct fruit.

Supplement of chlorophyll 

Have you ever heard about chlorophyll supplements? Chlorophyll supplement is good to increase blood platelet count. Chlorophyll supplements you get from vegetables, green leafy vegetables along wheatgrass.

Maintain diet chart

Low blood platelet count and still casual in your daily routine? Here you will get what to eat and what to avoid to maintain a healthy platelet.

Eat fresh avoid concentrated foods

Fresh fruits and vegetables always contain nutrients and folic acid. Easy to eat and long fruits and vegetables will function best. Try to avoid concentrated food like blueberries, ginger, garlic, onions, and a huge amount. Concentrated food will thin your blood and you will have to face problems.

Eat healthy fats avoid trans fat

Healthy fats like butter, avocados, seeds will give you energy and will not increase your calories. Saturated food will increase your blood pressure, heart disease with high calories.

Eat whole-grain avoid refined grain

Whole grain is important for complex carbohydrates. A properly balanced diet always requires complex carbohydrates not refined grains or sugar added food. Whole wheat bread, oats are a good source of carbohydrates. Avoid sugary food which will destroy your sugar level and lead to low blood platelet count.

Consume healthy fluid avoid alcohol

Healthy and hydrated fluid like water, juice of fresh vegetables or fruit, herbal teas will make your day wonderful. It will increase the blood platelet count. Alcohol will destroy your health. Be aware of the anticoagulant property present in alcohol. Take help from your doctor if you are not well versed in this topic.


Till now you’re well versed with the topic and the food to increase platelet count. A healthy diet is a necessary diet. Lifestyle changes will show you a bright sky. Low platelet levels will lower your body and a high platelet count will keep you healthy. Always remember that “Healthy diet comes from lifestyle, the way of living will give you proper earning”. The platelet count will always keep you down if you ignore a healthy diet from your life.

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