Everything you should know about the Cold sore

Everything you should know about the Cold sore

If you find that you are suffering from the cold sore stages days, then it’s always a better option to get rid of this problem as quickly as possible. Getting affected by the cold sore is one of the most embarrassing and common things in most people. But, don’t worry; this is not an untreated problem. You can treat this problem and limit this to impact your lifestyle. In this article, we have mentioned what a cold sore is, its causes, its symptoms, and how you can get rid of the cold sore. 

What is a cold sore and its stages?

Cold sore is defined as the small painful blisters that occur due to the herpes simplex virus. It is also called the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and fever blisters. As per the reports, several people are suffering from the cold sore stages days. More than 90% of people worldwide are going through one form of HSV. 

Symptoms of cold sore and stages

The starting symptoms of the cold sore stages days are that it makes you ill. After getting infected from the cold sore, there are larger possibilities of it returning. 

  • Cold sore mostly appears at the upper side of your mouth and lips, but several people have the cold sore on their cheeks and nose. 
  • You start getting cold sores 20 days after you are infected. 

Cold sore occurs in stages:

Start feeling itchiness

If you are feeling any sort of itchiness on and around your lips, it is an indication that a cold sore is appearing. At this stage, medication is a must. Consuming oral medications during your first cold sore stage days helps in reducing the effects, but it will not remove them completely. In the starting stage of the cold sore, you will notice the swelling in the lips in some cases. This rarely lasts for one to two days. 

Red bumps

After one or two days, when stage one gets ended, you will start experiencing the red itching spots on the upside of your lips may start to bump and blister. 

These blisters might make the itchy area rough that needs to be cleared as quickly as possible. In the second stage of the cold sore stages days, you need to clean the sore, you will require to start using the ointments to diagnose the cold sores. However, it is recommended to regularly drink excess water. When you are at the second stage of the cold sore, it is advised not to touch anything other than the ointments to apply to the cold sore. This stage will last upto two days. 

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Fluid-filled blisters

After three to four days from the itching, you will find the blisters that were developed on your face have become tightened and filled with fluid. It is suggested that not to come in contact if you start noticing the symptoms of cold sores. Touching and kissing the partners might spread this virus over them. The cold sore stage days are the most transferable ones. In this stage, you will feel too much pain and throbbing. It also makes you feel discomfort at the time of consuming food. If you consume spicy food, it might irritate the affected surface. Therefore, it is a better option to prevent consuming spicy food. This stage stays for three days. 


This is one of the most irritating stages and stays for more than two days in several cases. In this stage, the blisters that were formed start to burst and turn out to be red and shallow. During this stage, the risk of transmission is too high if you ignore it and do not take the precautions at the right time. Apart from treatment, it is also recommended not to touch the burst blisters, it can lead to a bacterial skin infection. 


In the fifth stage, it is the time for the healing process, and it goes on for four to fourteen days. In this stage, the lesion gets collapsed, and the crust starts to fall, which then leaves the tender red area. You should not pick the crust as it may leave the spot after healing the sores. Instead, you can use the medication OTC creams and lotions to heal it quickly. 


In the final stage, the redness starts to fade, and your skins start getting normal. Now you won’t face any more irritation on the surface. 

Causes of cold sores

Cold sores are also called as Oral herpes as it is caused because of the Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). It is very common and can be transmitted from one person to another. It is spread from one person to another by closer contact, often by sharing the straws, lip balms or towels with the person suffering from the cold sore. 

You might not be able to identify the cold sore stages days as its symptoms are too mild. However, when children are affected by cold sores, they start getting a fever, and blisters start to develop around their mouth. 

How can you diagnose the Cold sore?

If you consult your doctor, they will identify if you are affected by the cold sore. Also, they can test the fluid of the herpes simplex virus. 

How do I recognize if I got affected by the cold sore? 

If you got affected by the cold sore any time in the past, you might be able to identify it easily. If you are affected by the cold sore first time, then you might be getting redness, swelling, and blisters all around your mouth or lips. Consult your doctors if the case is getting critical. 

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Treatment or management 

How to remove the cold sores?

Though it is quite difficult to get rid of the cold sore, some medicines and lotions prescribed by the doctors might lower the healing time and make the symptoms less painful. Treatments for the cold sore include:

Medications: You can purchase the cream or medications which you can apply to the affected area. You can get this medicine at the store without a doctor’s prescription. At the time when you start applying the cream during the time of itching, you can remove the possibility of cold sore form from appearing on the skin. 

Antiviral medicine: To buy the antiviral medicine, you will require getting a prescription from the doctor. This medicine is usually taken orally. 

Intravenous (IV) antiviral medicine: If all above given medicines is not working, then you will require to buy the antiviral medication prescribed by your doctor 

How to get rid of symptoms of cold sores?

Though being affected by the cold sores makes you feel uncomfortable, you can relieve the symptoms through home remedies. Some of the suggestions are as follows:

  • The first remedy to get rid of the symptoms of a cold sore is by using cream sentiments. Though these creams and ointment do not help you completely remove the effect of cold sores, it enables you to heal quickly and remove the symptoms at the starting stage itself. In addition, these creams become more effective when you use them at the starting stage of the cold sore.
  • If you are suffering from severe pain due to a cold sore, then you should consult a doctor and take the prescribed pain reliever, which includes lidocaine which you can use on the affected part of the skin.
  • You should avoid consuming acidic foods like tomatoes, orange juice, and several other acidic foods that increase the effect of cold sores.
  • It would be best if you use sunscreen to ensure that your cold sore is not affected by the sun at the healing stage. Also, wearing the lip balm with SPF 30 is a greater option to avoid affecting the cold sores.


What can you do to prevent cold sores?

To avoid getting affected by HSV-1, you should require taking some precautions when meeting the people who are infected with the virus:

  • Avoid using the things of the people who are infected by cold sores.
  • Before you touch your lips or body parts, it is better to wash your hands.

In case you are already affected by the HSV-1, then by following the below-mentioned point, you can reduce the risk of cold store outbreak:

  • Taking a healthy diet and keeping yourself fit as severe fever can make the cold sore even more critical, which is why it is also called fever blisters.
  • Try to take as much rest as possible, as the cold sore makes your immune system weak, due to which you might fall sick.
  • Wearing a lip balm regularly to protect your lips from sunburn can reduce the risk of triggering the cold sore.
  • It is highly recommended to stay away from your babies when HSV-1 infects you.

We hope the above-given information related to cold sore stages days was helpful for you in getting rid of cold sore quickly. Read all the above points, and do not forget to comment on your reviews below.

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