Badam Halva Best Recipe: How To Make A Nutty South Indian Sweet

Badam Halva Best Recipe: How To Make A Nutty South Indian Sweet

Have you tasted Badam Halva? You may be thinking about how to make this nutty South Indian Sweet. It is mouthwatering and melts in your mouth as soon as you put a bite in your mouth. It has only three ingredients that make this delicious Indian Sweet. You need GHEE, BLANCHED ALMONDS, and SUGAR. In this recipe guide, we have summed up the best badam halva recipe. It uses the ingredients we have discussed. By reading this recipe tutorial thoroughly, you can make the best Almond Halva. Of course, it will taste as the master chef has prepared it.

What Is Badam Halva?

Of course, you will remind whatever you have tasted in South India if you make this halva at your home. However, you only need to follow the procedure thoroughly. But, do you know anything about Almond Halva? This halva satisfies the taste buds, and it has good looking texture.

It simply melts in your mouth. Many have experimented with making badam halva at home. Some succeeded but mostly don’t know how to make this delicious Halva at their homes. This Halva is rich in Ghee and Dry Fruits. You can serve it to guests and friends on special occasions and visits.

We know that South Indian celebrations like baby showers, naming ceremonies, weddings, wedding anniversaries, and house warming ceremonies include Indian sweet Almond Halva. This South Indian sweet is classic. But most people can’t make it at their home because it needs patience making this Halva.

How to make BADAM KA HALWA, recipe by MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor

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What Happens If The Trials Are Bad?

Sometimes, if you don’t have the expertise, you will see badam pudding. Sometimes, when the procedure has some errors, you can see a dense structure of this Almond Halva. Several times we have noticed it doesn’t melt in the mouth easily if the timing during the procedure has some mismatch. If you are a beginner, you may not get the proper results, and your Halva may have a balanced sweetness and texture. It may be too soft or too firm. However, a perfect recipe of Almond Halva results in a heavenly flavor and texture. It is what you have tasted in South India.

Which Almond Is The Best?

You can prefer Mamra Almond if you can purchase it. It makes the perfect Almond Halva. You can use it for those recipes that have Badam as the main ingredient. However, a variety of Badam is available in the market. So, you can try any of the available variety to make this Halva. However, making this recipe needs some hard work because you have to stir and stir.

What Is The Best Badam Halva Recipe?

Do you want to make this South Indian Sweet at your home? You need to have only 30 minutes to make this recipe at your home. In this recipe guide, we have covered the traditional way of making Almond Halva. We discussed that it needs only three main ingredients Almonds, Ghee, and Sugar. Some experts also prefer to add cardamoms. So, we have four ingredients in this recipe.

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How To Cook?

Either you can use a saucepan or the pot. Whatever you prefer, you can use it to make this delicious Halva. Lots of Indians prefer it for the best celebration sweet. You can make a similar Halva from veggies, lentils, flour, fruits, semolina, and nuts. While cooking, either you can use water or milk. Some chefs also add saffron to it. It adds good flavor.

Traditional Badam Halva Recipe:

In this recipe guide, we have covered two ways you can use to make your delicious Halva. Both the ways result in the best classic Almond Halva. Some people spend years finding the perfect way of Badam Halva. So, it’s a benefit for you to keep some ingredients handy and start making this recipe. The first way is to use whole Almonds, and the other is to use Store-Bought Almond Meal. The other ingredients are pure Ghee, cardamoms, water or milk, and saffron if you want to add it for flavor.

Do You Know?

Some sweet corners or restaurants make Almond Halva using food color. However, we don’t prefer using food color. The reason is we have used saffron that adds flavor and color too. If you want to add extra colors, you must go for pure, organic, and natural food color if saffron is not handy. Or else, you can skip adding any color or saffron.

Let’s Make Your Badam Halva:

In this section, we will guide with both ways to make Almond Halva. The following steps are crucial to making tasty Almond Halva with whole Almonds.

Recipe Procedure Steps:

  1. The first step is the preparation of Badam Halva. You must soak whole Almonds for at least three to four hours. If you don’t have time, boil two cups of water and soak whole Almonds in it. It needs only two to three minutes. Then, you must drain the water. Let the Almonds be in fresh air for at least 30 to 40 minutes.
  2. After 40 minutes, remove the skin and rinse your soaked Badam. When Badam is soaked well, you can quickly remove its skin. However, you need to keep in mind that oversoaking can ruin the recipe. It makes the Halva sticky.
  3. Use milk or water and add almonds, skinned cardamoms, and saffron to the blending jar. Adding sugar at this step can help blend almonds quickly.
  4. You don’t want more liquidity. So, your paste has to be like Rava (a slightly coarse paste). It has to have a fine texture.

Making Almond Halva:

  1. Use nonstick bottom 0qn and heat it, and then add Ghee.
  2. Pour your almond paste in it and keep stirring continuously to cook it well.
  3. Once you see Badam leaving the sides, you can add the sugar if you don’t want to add it to the blending jar.
  4. If you use saffron, your Almond Halva gets better color. It gets cooked well with sugar. Keep cooking for at least eight minutes, and it will start thickening. You can add more Ghee to it and keep stirring. You can give two or three intervals of Ghee, but don’t stop it mixing and stirring it because it will burn from the bottom.
  5. When you finish your intervals of Ghee addition, it will leave the sides of the pan. Then, turn the flame off and let the Halva cool down.
  6. Yes! It’s your almond Halva ready to garnish and serve.
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How To Make Badam Halva With Almond Flour? (Recipe Steps)

For this, you can use an instant pot that is a regular heavy bottom pot. The following steps are a must for the best results of Almond Halva with Almond Flour.

  1. Add Ghee to the pot (approximately two to four tablespoons).
  2. After melting Ghee, add one cup of your Almond Flour.
  3. Keep stirring it for two minutes and after that, add a half cup of sugar to the pot.
  4. If you are using the pot, add a cup of water to it. However, if you are using an instant pot, use only one-and-one-fourth cups of water.
  5. The add a pinch of saffron if you want.
  6. Keep mixing everything well and let the sugar dissolve. You must keep the heat low and cover the pot partially.
  7. If you have an instant pot, use can pressure cook (for zero minutes). Once the IP beeps, release pressure after pressing cancel.
  8. Keep stirring it until your Halva leaves the sides and add more Ghee (two to four tablespoons) and one-fourth teaspoon of cardamom powder.
  9. Keep mixing and stirring everything.
  10. Once the Halva leaves the sides of the pot, let it cool. Hence, it’s ready to garnish and serve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which Almonds Are Best?

Use only fresh and sweet almonds. Or else it will Taste Bitter. So you must taste almonds before using them. Also, avoid rancid-tasting nuts. If you are using Almond Meal, please ensure it is BLANCHED ALMONDS FLOUR or MEAL and taste the flour.

  • Which Ghee Can You Use?

You can prefer fresh and pure Ghee. If possible, use only homemade Ghee for the quality of your Halva and the health of consumerism. You have to use 1:1 Ghee for traditional Almond Halva. It means a cup of Ghee is essential for a cup of Badam to let it retain its consistency for long.

  • How To Make This Recipe Vegan?

If you want to make this recipe vegan, you can prefer neutral and flavorless oils like coconut oil.

  • Is Saffron Essential For This Recipe?

No! Using saffron is optional. So, you can use a large pinch of turmeric or organic food color. Avoid adding a deep color.

  • Why Are Cardamoms Used?

Do you know most Indian Sweets have cardamoms for flavor? You can replace it with a teaspoon of Rose Water or Kewra Water for fragrance.

Steps to Prepare Badam Halwa | Cooking Guide

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Wrapping Up:

Did you enjoy this Almond Halva Recipe Guide? In this tutorial, we have shared detailed information about Badam Halva and its traditional recipe. We have discussed two ways to make traditional Badam Halva. However, we suggest you try the second way because it’s less time-consuming and gives better results.

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