What is the Actual Color of Ayam Cemani Eggs?

What is the Actual Color of Ayam Cemani Eggs?

Numerous individuals feel inquisitive to know the reality of Ayam cemani eggs, which has been known for the dark tone. In any case, is it valid? Yet, before we uncover the secret, we should find about Ayam cemani chicken, then we will start to know about the eggs. So, let’s start this blog with the Ayam Cemani Chickens. 

What Is Ayam Cemani? 

Indonesia has many fascinating marvels that start from fantasies; legends do real wonders. In Central Java, it stays a fantasy about the dark eggs of the dark chicken. This chicken is broadly known as cemani chicken, an outlandish chicken local to Indonesia, precisely in Central Java. Cemani chicken is well known for the extraordinary coal-black tone in his body. Not just in the quill or outside the body yet additionally inside the body. From head to toe, everything is dark. The quill, mouth, eyes, skin, nail, meat, bones until the inside organs are dark. This is the reason this chicken is otherwise called gothic chicken. 

Indeed, cemani chicken is very understood for its fascinating, strong tone altogether of the body. From mouth, head, eyes, quills, leg, skin, everything is dark! In this way, no big surprise why individuals additionally, for the most part, call it ‘The Lamborghini Of The Poultry”. It is dark inside and outside, from head to toe; even its bones, meat, and inner organ are dark. Because of its uniqueness, this chicken is broadly ordered as the most uncommon chicken on the planet. 

Do Ayam Cemani Chickens Lay Black Eggs? 

Ayam cemani chicken is famous for its outlandish strong, pure black tone inside and outside. This extraordinary dark tone at long last causes talks, which says this chicken likewise delivers dark-hued eggs. The more terrible is, individuals at that point accept that the Ayam cemani chicken eggs can carry fortune to the proprietor. However, are cemani eggs dark? 

The gossip of cemani chicken lays dark eggs is thoroughly WRONG! Even though cemani chicken is dark inside like ayam cemani meat, a few sections are not dark, and their egg is one of them. Ayam cemani chicken eggs are not dark. Indeed, no one can demonstrate that dark chicken eggs exist. 

What Color Are Ayam Cemani Eggs in actual? 

Like the other general chicken, ayam cemani eggs come with an ordinary tone. The cemani hens are like general free-ran chickens that lay cream-hued eggs, once in a while earthy colored with a slight pink color. Don’t make mistake for ayam cemani egg tone; they can’t lay dark eggs. Even though Cemani chicken is dark at everything except, it doesn’t mean creating dark eggs. As per a source, the hereditary state of fibromatosis that causes the dark tone in a chicken’s body can’t arrive at the eggshell. 

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Thus, the shade of the egg won’t change into the dark. Besides, during the time spent hatching, ayam cemani egg yolk, yellow, will begin to change in the dark shading when the developing organism of cemani chicks shows up. This change occurs inside the eggs, so the eggshell is as yet in the typical condition. This marvel shows that the egg is of acceptable quality to develop as chicks and hatch. 

Why Are Ayam Cemani Black? 

The shade of cemani chicken is the motivation behind why individuals name it so. At that point, what does ayam cemani mean? Indeed, the word ayam implies chicken in Bahasa Indonesia. At the same time, the word cemani in Javanese methods dark. This chicken’s name shows what Indonesian thinks about this chicken is ‘its beautiful dark tone.’ The dark shade of cemani chicken is an uncommon wonder. 

The hereditary condition called fibromelanosis causes this uncommon tinge. It causes hyperpigmentation in the chickens, which shows up of cemani chicken become thoroughly dark. More reasons make this chicken is so awesome. Also, cemani chicken’s excellence, which is uncommon and interesting, is just a motivation behind why ayam cemani cost is very costly. 

The amount Are Ayam Cemani Chicken? 

Known as an extraordinary dark chicken, however, ayam cemani chicken is additionally guaranteed as the most mainstream chicken varieties on the planet. Thus, no big surprise is Indonesian who keeps them or develops them yet also individuals around the planet. In Indonesia, this dark chicken cost is more costly than the overall chicken. The total estimate is around Rp150.000 to Rp700.000 for one chicken. Notwithstanding, in different nations, the cost of ayam cemani chicken available to be purchased is a whole lot higher. The cost is so high because Ayam cemani is classified as quite possibly the most costly chickens on the planet! 

Ayam Cemani Appearance and Breed Standard 


Ayam Cemanis is a striking sight. Their all dark quills have a creepy-crawly green radiance in daylight that is shocking. They are not an excessively enormous fowl; the young men say something around 4.5-6.5lb, with the young ladies coming in at 3.5-4.5lb separately, so to a greater extent, a medium estimated bird. In appearance, they are solid and strong with skintight quills, similar to a game bird. They pause dramatically and are consistently ready. 

Breed Standard 

As of now, American Poultry Association does not perceive Ayam Cemani. The US Ayam Cemani club is presently chipping away at a norm of flawlessness for this variety. The standard portrayal underneath is from the Dutch norm of flawlessness. 

  • The bird should stand upstanding, alert – nearly ‘game-like.’ 
  • The body is of medium size, thin, firm, and strong. 
  • It will have a genuinely wide bosom and a medium back, which inclines from the neck. The wings are long and solid, emerging from wide shoulders. 
  • The tail is held modestly high. Thighs are incredible and strong. The bird ought to have four toes to each foot. 
  • Feathers are on the whole dark and are snug to the body. Skin, eyes, wattles, and brush should all be dark. No other tone ought to be seen. 
  • The quills may show an insect green to purple luminosity in daylight. 
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Demeanor and Disposition 

Cemanis, all in all, appear to be an amicable and agreeable bird. They are wise, delicate, and accommodating – including the chickens. They have been portrayed as unconventional; however, many people who have them or raise them to say this isn’t so. They are simple to deal with and low upkeep fowl. They are very winter solid, shaking off the Vermont winters effectively when given the fitting lodging and haven. Since they began in Indonesia, it will abandon saying that they can endure heat well too. 

Ayam Cemani Egg Laying 

The Ayam Cemani is a genuinely helpless egg layer. On normal, they will lay around 80 eggs each year, which is around one egg each week. They do appear to go ‘off lay’ for an all-encompassing timeframe. They will lay 20-30 eggs and afterward quit laying. This can be as long as a half year, and afterward, they will start from the very beginning once more! In contrast with the hen’s size, the eggs are huge, and they are cream shaded with an extremely slight pink color (not dark). 

I have seen a few photographs that show dark eggs – have confidence these are phony eggs. A few people state they aren’t broody, but then others say they can be broody. This might be because of differences in the bloodlines acquired. They will, in general, make great moms and care well for their chicks. 

Regular Health Issues 

There aren’t any medical problems that I could find; however, this is a decent spot to depict the fibromelanosis of the Ayam Cemani. The bird has a freak fibromelanistic quality – a quality that stores unnecessary dark color. This strange collection of melanin causes the skin and tissues to seem dark. Three different birds just convey this hereditary quality – the Silkie, the Svart Hona from Sweden, and the Kadaknath – a chicken of the Madhya Pradesh locale of India. The blood is red, however, supposed to be hazier than ordinary, albeit the bone marrow is dark. On the whole different viewpoints, the Ayam Cemani is a solid and hearty bird. It doesn’t appear to be inclined to a specific chicken disease. 


The Ayam cemani eggs have likely been around for a very long time or so, best case scenario, surmise; however, has just gone to the consideration of chicken sweethearts decently as of late during the 1990s. Since that time, they have caught the creative mind and hearts of numerous folks. Contributing to the uncommonness of the bird is the continuous danger of Avian Influenza. As a large part of the rearing stock comes from Indonesia, the US importation limitations are serious about forestalling further flare-ups of the infection. In the end, you have got to know all the little details about the extraordinary black eggs. I hope this article will prove to be very useful for you to gain knowledge.

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