Wisdom Teeth Symptoms: When They Come & Why Needs To Remove?

Wisdom Teeth Symptoms: When They Come & Why Needs To Remove?

Are you looking to cure your wisdom teeth pain? Or you may have never seen wisdom teeth yet! Why does a human have wisdom teeth? Have you heard about wisdom teeth from wise and scholarly people? They are known as the third set of molars, which grow most during the mid-twenties or later. However, these teeth do not have to involve in functioning, but they can crowd the mouth. But, you might have seen someone complaining about having wisdom teeth symptoms. Yes, they can cause issues in the future. In this article, I will discuss wisdom teeth, when they grow, and what are the symptoms when they come. I will also discuss what are the symptoms of it when you have to remove them.

Why Exactly Are Wisdom Teeth Used?

Many dental professionals recommend people to extract wisdom teeth to treat any infections of wisdom teeth. Have you ever thought that why do you have wisdom teeth? Lots of people have this common question. It is why do people need wisdom teeth even if they do not need them? However, according to anthropologists, when evolution occurred from the ancestors, wisdom teeth help them to chew a diet of raw foods, meat, nuts, and roots, but today’s diet has been converted to softer foods, and biologists classified wisdom teeth in the category of functionless parts after the evolution.

When Do You Get Wisdom Teeth?

Like I have told you earlier, wisdom teeth will come between the ages of 17 and 21. After the revolution occurred, the thought came that wisdom teeth make the mouth crowded, and there is nothing to do for these teeth. At a young age, the surrounding bone feels softer, and the roots do not show growth. It makes no or fewer damages to the nerves surrounding these teeth. But, as time passes, wisdom teeth become more painful. Then, the surgery itself becomes more painful. As people age, the surgery becomes more difficult. Let us discuss what are the wisdom teeth symptoms when they come.

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When To Say Wisdom Teeth Are Coming?

  • If you think you have incoming wisdom teeth, you must consider the following symptoms. Given below are wisdom teeth symptoms visible when wisdom teeth are coming.
  • If there is pain at the back of your mouth or pain behind the molars, then it is coming. This pain increases gradually when wisdom teeth grow in a misaligned way or sideways, pressing nerves and bone. It is crowding other teeth.
  • If there is tenderness, redness, pain, and swelling at the site, it is a symptom of wisdom teeth. The eruption of wisdom teeth occurs on the surface of gums. It makes it easy for bacteria to enter Into the tissue. If it happens, it causes infection. It happens, and it causes oral infections. 
  • Sometimes, wisdom teeth become impacted, and if it happens, the jaw or other teeth may block the teeth from growing. It makes them trapped. However, the roots of teeth continue growing, and it causes more problems related to oral health and general health.
  • If you ha wisdom teeth symptoms, it can cause pain, mouth infection, and complications. People might feel breathing issues, chewing issues, redness, and swelling in their mouths or gums.
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What Causes Wisdom Teeth Pain?

  • There are many reasons for people suffering from wisdom teeth pain. Sometimes wisdom teeth come in crooked, may not fit properly in your mouth, or it may lead to infection around other teeth.
  • If you have pain in your wisdom teeth, it may impact the overall health oral health. In short, a person with pain in his wisdom teeth needs to treat this pain before it can become severe.
  • Sometimes, people suffer from wisdom teeth pain without any prior notice. But in many cases, patients have got any prior notice and have felt it painful while their pain increased gradually. It may increase because of some mistakes like not taking care while chewing and many more.
  • The first to save yourself from this pain is to visit and consult doctors or dentists. They evaluate the area, capture x-rays to determine if your pain is of wisdom teeth or not.

When Do You Need To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

I have already discussed that if you have wisdom teeth symptoms, you have to treat this issue. Or, it will get worst. Now, I will guide you through some causes or reasons why one needs wisdom teeth removal. We will discuss the symptoms of wisdom teeth pain so that you can understand if you need to remove wisdom teeth or not. 

First of all, accept that in some cases, there are visible symptoms of wisdom teeth. But, in some cases, there are no visible symptoms of wisdom teeth. Sometimes, impacted wisdom teeth can cause swelling, tenderness, bleeding, and pain in your gums. It can cause jaw pain, swelling, and stiffness in the jaws. People face issues of breathing and difficulty in opening the mouth. Let us discuss other reasons to remove wisdom teeth.

Irregular Growth:

If wisdom teeth take too much space in your mouth, they can not straighten. It makes the mouth overcrowded, and dentists have no procedures which can treat or fit wisdom teeth. So, one needs to remove it.

Painful & Irritating Teeth: 

While growing, wisdom teeth cause aches and pain around the gums. It becomes a painful experience that makes people uncomfortable. So, dentists will prefer x-rays to determine that if your wisdom teeth are causing it pain or not. They do not always suggest to remove it, but if pain increases with time, they advise to remove it.

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Difficult To Eat:

If a person experiences significant pain, it becomes difficult for him to eat. It will be the reason to take wisdom teeth out of gums. It is because you might have to face serious issues, and it can become severe.

Formation Of Cyst Around Tooth:

If the sac next to the teeth is filled with the fluid, dentists call it a cyst. At that time, one needs to treat it to save bones, roots, and structure from destroying. However, if problems get worst, there might be a tumor because of this. If it happens, one needs to undergo surgical treatment.

Non-Straight Teeth And Other Reasons:
  • If teeth are not straight, it may cause other teeth to shift. It can damage other teeth, and dentists suggest to extract wisdom teeth.
  • If there are any symptoms, it can cause sinus problems if teeth grow in the upper jaw.
  • If there are cavities around wisdom teeth, bacteria can hide there and grow. It causes gums to become irritated and increase the chances of bacterial growth.
  • If one has inflamed gums, there are chances where it becomes severe. 

How To Treat Wisdom Teeth Pain?

There are many home remedies that you can use to treat your pain. However, the last treatment for painful teeth is the removal process that requires treatment from professional-dentists.

What Are Home Remedies For Wisdom Teeth Pain?

To treat your pain, you can use the following home remedies.

Use Warm Salted Water:

Dentists also recommend this home remedy. It helps with tooth pain and shows its effectiveness against wisdom tooth pain. 

Mix eight ounces of warm water and two tablespoons of salt. Let it dissolve the salt. Keep this water in your mouth till you like the taste or for at least 12 seconds. Repeat this process every few hours and continue if it relieves your pain.


Icing is to apply ice on the jaw from outside. It will help you if you have swelling and pain around the gums. Use a plastic bag or polythene to apply an ice pack.

Use Of Onion:

It is strange, but it is one of the best home remedies. It relieves the pain and inflammation that one has from arthritis. Similarly, you can use this method to treat wisdom teeth pain. It becomes helpful because it has phytochemicals targetting germs, which cause infection. Chew a piece of onion on the side of your mouth that pains.

Use Cucumber Slices:

Do you think it will taste better than onion? Cucumber slices can also help to treat wisdom tooth pain. It does not have infection-fighting properties but can work efficiently if the mouth hurts. Put pieces of cucumber in the refrigerator, and when you feel pain, put them into your mouth at that place. Its coolness will help to relieve pain.

Other Home Remedies:

You can use tea bags to treat wisdom teeth pain. Put them into a cup and put a cup in the refrigerator. It has acidic properties that help. 

You can use peppermint to treat wisdom teeth pain. Use fresh leaves and put them into your affected areas for 20 minutes, or take a few drops of peppermint. 

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Final Thoughts:

If you found this article helpful, then let me know. I have covered almost everything that one had to understand about wisdom teeth symptoms. If you have any symptoms of upcoming wisdom teeth, then you have to take care. For the symptoms of wisdom teeth pain, use one of these home remedies, or if your wisdom teeth pain is severe, then contact dentists to remove those teeth.

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