Three Stages Of Snivy Evolutions & Everything You Must Know About Snivy!

Three Stages Of Snivy Evolutions & Everything You Must Know About Snivy!

Creators introduced one Japanese Pokemon, a Grass Pokemon in generation V that is Snivy. Snivy evolutions take three steps to evolve finally. The Pokemon is a bipedal and reptilian Pokemon having a slender build, and the color of its most physical body is green with a little cream underside. There is one yellow stripe from its back to its tail, and Snivy had yellow marks around both eyes. This creature has two curved structures at the shoulder side to resemble leaves and small winds. He had three fingers in the arm, but his feet have no identical fingers. At the end of his tail, a large leaf having three prongs is there. 

Snivy tail can perform photosynthesis so that Snivy can move quickly. If his tail droops, he will lose his whole energy. Snivy has friendly and calm behaviors. To understand the levels of the evolutions of this Pokemon, we will discuss all his evolution stages in detail in this article.

Primary Discussion Points For Snivy Evolutions:

This grass type Pokemon first evolves in Service. At that time, his level is 17, and then it turns in Serperior at level-36. Because of its final physical body after level-36 when it turns in Serperior, we call it as Grass Snake Pokemon. Before moving to the details of the evolution of Snivy, let me introduce Snivy more understandably.

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Basics Of Snivy:
  • Snivy comes from the Grass Snake Pokemon species, and it has a National Number of 495. 
  • It is a Grass-type Pokemon.
  • Snivy has 0.6 m (2’00”) height and 8.1 kg (17.9 lbs) weight.
  • He has overgrowing contrary hidden abilities. 
  • In Black/White, and Black 2/White 2, Snivy has the local number of 001. 
  • Snivy undergoes training of EV yield at one speed.
  • You have a catch rate of 45 (5.9% with full HP and PokeBall).
  • Snivy has a friendship rate of 70 (NORMAL).
  • Snivy has an experience level of 62.
  • Snivy grows at a slow, medium rate.
  • Snivy has bred in the egg group in the field or Grass.
  • Almost 87.5% of them are male, and 12.5% are female.
  • The egg cycle of Snivy is 20 (4,884 – 5,140 steps).

Battlefield Statistics Of Snivy:

  • Snivy has an HP of 45.
  • It has an attack power of 45.
  • It has a defense power of 55.
  • Snivy has power for the special attack at 45.
  • It has a special-defense power for Snivy is 55.
  • Snivy has a speed of 63.
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Power Of Each Snivy:

The Defense Systems Of Each Snivy is unique. Here is a full list of the effectiveness of each Snivy. In this list, I have included the details that are available in the pokédex based on entries. 

  • Black:- this Snivy is quite intelligent and calm in nature. It exposes to lots of sunlight to move faster and to make its movements swifter.
  • White:- this species of Snivy does photosynthesis by making their tails bath in the sunlight. If they do not feel well, then tails droop. 
  • Black2/White2:- this species of Snivy stays exposed in the sunlight to make their movements swifter. They use vines more than hands.
  • X Omega Ruby:- it also makes its movements swifter by exposure to sunlight. Similar to the previous one, it also uses more vines than hands. 
  • Y Alpha Sapphire:- this species use photosynthesis to make their tails bath in the sunlight, and their Tails at the back start drooping if they do not feel well.

What Are The Moves That Snivy Learns?

Moves that Snivy learns during its evolutions are exciting to check out. Here is a list of various-moves that you can see during Snivy evolutions. In this section, we will focus on egg moves and Snivy moves.

Egg Moves That Snivy Learns:

While breeding in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Snivy learns some of the egg moves, which I have listed below.

  1. Normal-type move Captivate with 100 Acc.
  2. Normal-type move Glare with Acc. 100. 
  3. Grass-type move Grassy Terrain.
  4. Steel type moves Iron Tail with power 100 & Acc. 75.
  5. It uses grass-type move Magical Leaf with power 60.
  6. Normal-type move Mean Look.
  7. Physic move Mirror Coat with Acc. 100.
  8. Normal-move Natural Gift with Acc. 100.
  9. Dark move Pursuit with power 40 & Acc. 100. 
  10. Normal-move Sweet Scent with Acc. 100.
  11. Dragon moves Twister with power 40 and Acc. 100.

Moves That Snivy Learned By Leveling Up:

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Snivy learns various new moves that I have listed below. During evolution, Snivy knows these moves at different levels.

  1. Normal-move tackle at level 1 with power 40 and Acc.
  2. Normal-move Leer at level 4 with Acc. 100.
  3. Grass move Vine Whip at level 7 with power 45 & Acc. 100.
  4. Normal-move Wrap at level 10 with power 15 and Acc. 90.
  5. Normal-move Growth at level 13.
  6. Grass move Leaf Tornado at level 16 with power 65 & Acc. 90.
  7. Grass move Leech Seed at level 19 with Acc. 90.
  8. Grass move Mega Drain at level 22 with power 40 & Acc. 100.
  9. It learns normal-move Slam at level 25 with power 80 & Acc. 75.
  10. Grass move Leaf Blade at level 38 with power 90 & Acc. 100.
  11. Poison move Coil at level 31.
  12. Grass-move Giga Drain at level 34 with power 75 & Acc. 100.
  13. It learns normal-move Wring out at level 37.
  14. Poison move Gastro Acid at level 40 with Acc. 100.
  15. Grass move Leaf Storm at level 43 with power 130 & Acc. 90.
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Evolution Stages Of Snivy:

Like I have said before that Snivy evolves in three stages. Let us discuss these stages one-by-one.

First Stage Snivy:

Snivy debuted in generation V as a Grass Snake Pokemon.

It uses photosynthesis to make its tail bath in the sunlight, but you can see its tail drooping if not feeling well.

Power Statistics:

  • Snivy has 45 HP.
  • Attack power is 45.
  • Defense power is 55.
  • Speed ha 63.
  • It has a special-attack power of 45.
  • It has a special-defense power of 55.

Physical Statistics:

  • Snivy heights 0.6 m.
  • It weighs 8.1 kg.
  • It has gender ratio of 87.5% & 12.5%.
  • The catching ratio is 17.6%.
  • It grows slowly.
  • It puts eggs in the Grass.
  • Steps to hatch are 5355.
  • It has overgrown contrary abilities.

Fight Statistics:

Snivy is strong against the following:

It is strong against the ground, water, electricity, and Grass-type of 1/2.

Snivy is weak against the following:

Flying, poison, bug, fire, and ice at the rate of 2.

Second Stage Servine:

If you want to understand Snivy evolutions, you must know that it is the second stage of its physical growth. Again it is a Grass Snake Pokemon that debuted in Generation V. If it is dirty, it can not use leaves to photosynthesis. Therefore it has to keep itself clear every time. 

Power Statistics:

  • Service has 60 HP.
  • It has an attack power of 60.
  • It has a defense power of 75.
  • It has a speed of 83.
  • It has a special-attack power of 60.
  • It has a special-defense power of 75.

Physical Statistics:

  • Servine heights 0.8 m.
  • It weighs 16 kg.
  • The ratio for catching is 17.6 %.
  • Gender ratio is 87.5% & 12.5%.
  • It grows slow.
  • It puts eggs in the Grass.
  • Hatch steps are 5355.
  • It has overgrow-contrary abilities.

Fight Statistics:

Servine is strong against the following:

Ground, water, grass-type, and electricity at the rate of 1/2.

Servine is weak against the following:

Flying, poison, bug, fire, and ice at the rate of 2.

Third (last) Stage Of Serperior:

Serperior is the most powerful Pokemon in Snivy evolutions. It can stop the movements with just a glare. When it absorbs solar energy, it can boost Serperior internally.

Power Statistics:

  • It has 75 HP.
  • The power to attack is 75.
  • Power to defense it 95.
  • Speed of movements is 113. 
  • The power for the special attack is 75.
  • The power of special-defense is 95.

Physical Statistics:

  • Serperior has a height of 3 m, 330 cm.
  • Serperior weighs 63 kg.
  • The catching ratio is 17.6%.
  • Gender ratio is 87.5% and 12.5%.
  • It grows medium and slow. 
  • Serperior has egg groups in the GRASS and field.
  • It requires 5355 hatching steps.
  • It has overgrown contrary abilities.
  • It has a speed of 3 EVs.

Fight Statistics:

Serperior is strong against the following:

Ground, water, the GRASS, and electricity at the rate of 1/2.

Serperior is weak against the following:

Flying, poison, bug, fire, and ice at the rate of 2.

Where Is Snivy Available?

  • Black and White Snivy are available in Nuvema Town.
  • Black 2 and White 2 Snivy are available in Aspertia City.
  • X & Y Trade/migrate are found from another game.
  • Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are available at Route 101.
Unova Gen 5 Starter Pokemon Evolution Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott and Klink  more! - YouTube

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Wrapping Up:

If you were looking for the right information regarding Snivy evolutions, I hope this informative article could give you the exact details you needed to know. To conclude this article, there are three stages when Snivy evolutions occur, and it evolves in its ultimate appearance. This Pokemon has similarities in its strength and weaknesses in all the stages of its growth. If you are a true Pokemon lover, you must have found at least one Snivy and tried to evolve it by walking 5355 steps.

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