Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight With Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Ideas

Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight With Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Ideas

Are you wondering how to lose out on some extra weight? Well, with so many types of weight loss diet charts around, it might be baffling. You need to choose the exact diet plan that suits your body type and helps in losing weight. And to that, all you will require is a simple meal plan to lose weight.

There are certain principles you need to stick to and follow to have a healthy weight loss. That is because a quick weight loss plan may not be the ideal option and even be for a long time period.

So, scroll down to know the principles of a simple meal plan to lose weight.

Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight

You always need to choose the diet plan suitable for your body type and ensure you end up losing weight for the long-term. Also, if you follow a strict diet plan, it might be hard for you to stick to it. So, let us check what the principles a simple meal plan should include:

Consume Low Carbs

If you follow a strict diet plan or a simple food chart, one of the vital food habits you must change are consuming as much fewer carbs as possible. You can start by letting go of all of the refined carbs. Instead, you can focus on having whole grains foods.

By doing that, you will lower your craving levels and eventually consume much fewer calories in the long run.

Additionally, you will be burning off the stored fat in your body as energy in place of using the carbs.

It would help if you kept in mind that your body will digest the food slowly when you start consuming whole grains and have a low-calorie intake. Plus, keeping you full for a long time.

In 2020, a study recommended that low carb diets are beneficial for older people to lose weight. Further, it helps you consume much fewer calories and does not make you hungry soon.

There is more research being done to prove the benefits of consuming low-carbs and weight loss. However, you can always cut down on refined carbs and replace them with whole grains to avoid weight gain and other health problems.

Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Include lots of Veggies, Heathy fats and Protein

A simple meal plan to lose weight must include veggies, healthy fats, and protein. Here are the following things to keep in mind while choosing veggies, healthy fats, and protein into your weight loss diet chart:

Low carb Veggies and Leafy Greens

You don’t have to hesitate to load your meals with low-carb veggies and leafy greens. They come with a lot of nutrients that are good for you. They are also fewer carbs and calories.

You can include veggies like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, Swiss chard, cabbage, and cucumber.

Healthy fats

A simple meal plan to lose weight can have a few healthy fats included in the diet. Your body is in constant need of some healthy fats, even if you are on a strict diet plan. Some of the oils rich in healthy fats are avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter.

But you should keep in mind that coconut oil and butter must be consumed in moderation. That is because these two ingredients contain saturated fat too. It is essential to keep an eye on when you include butter and coconut oil in your diet.

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Protein is vital to keep your healthy muscles intact even if you are on a weight loss diet plan. So, it becomes extremely crucial for you to include the right protein amounts to prevent lean muscle loss.

Some studies suggest that your appetite and body weight reduce when you consume the right amount of protein. Plus, you can prevent the chances of any cardiometabolic problems.

Many determining factors should be kept in mind while knowing the correct protein intake. But there is a general requirement that tells you what a male and female require.

A healthy female averagely requires a maximum of 75 grams each day. And a male body needs a maximum of 91 grams in a day.

Moreover, you can even reduce your cravings and frequent snack desires by a lot if you consume the right amount of protein. It makes you full for longer, which helps you munch on unhealthy snacks.

It is seen that when people consume a diet rich in protein, they ate less than 441 calories in a day.

If you are non-vegetarian, then some healthy protein food options are lamb, pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, trout, salmon, and whole eggs. But if you happen to follow a vegan diet, you can consume foods like tofu, tempeh, quinoa, legumes, and beans.

Meal Plan

Keep your body active

A simple meal plan to lose weight must have exercising in the routine. In this way, you lose out on the excess fat and ensure your weight loss to be healthy. It will help to boost your weight loss process. And also help you enhance your mood and energy levels.

When you are following a diet plan, you are sure to slow down your body’s metabolism. So, if you have a workout session, you will prevent the slowing of your metabolism.

You can either take help from your trainer or do some exercises in the gym yourself. But if you are afraid of stepping into the gym for the ongoing pandemic situation, try out some exercises at home.

Several bodyweight exercises encourage you to lose weight and be strong without using any expensive instruments that are present in the gym. You can also opt for yoga, Pilates, jogging, walking, and jogging to lose out on the extra fat you have.

Another effective exercise that can help you lose weight is swimming. It helps you lose calories in a short time span. So, apart from including all the foods to lose weight, make you have exercise in the regime.

Quick tips to Have a Healthy Weight Loss

You can include all the principles mentioned above in your simple meal plan to lose weight. Plus, the tips below to boost the process.

The tips below are potent and will ensure you have a healthy weight loss. Here are the following:

Include a protein-rich breakfast in your diet plan

As you already know, that protein is vital to keep your muscle mass intact, so including protein-rich foods wisely becomes crucial. Moreover, you can be full for a long and keep away from consuming unhealthy snacks.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is essential you have an adequate protein intake in your breakfast.

Do not consume fruit juice and sugary drinks

Sugar can work like poison if you wish to live healthily and lose weight. Consuming natural sugars is ideal for you, but not the artificially made added sugars. They can lead to weight gain that can be harmful to you. So, it is always best to avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice as much as possible.

Have water prior to your meals

Another small trick you can include in your simple meal plan to lose weight is to keep yourself hydrated. More so, if you have water prior to your meals, you will consume a lower amount of calories in your meals.

Include the foods that are low in calories

It is always best to keep your weight loss diet chart filled with all the foods that are low in carbs and do not increase fat. Some of the foods you can avoid are French fries, burgers, deep-fried foods, cheese, white bread, pastries, cakes, etc.

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Consumes lots of foods that contain soluble fiber

Soluble fiber is crucial for the weight loss process. You consume foods that are rich in fiber to keep yourself full and also avoid having frequent cravings. Some of the foods rich in fiber are bananas, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and more. So, start having fiber-rich foods, and be sure to keep your weight loss diet chart at its best.

Drink moderate amounts of tea and coffee

You will find a quick weight loss diet plan to encourage having lots of caffeinated products such as tea and coffee. That is because caffeine has the power to increase your metabolism that can boost your weight loss process. But since we are focusing on a diet plan that is efficient in helping you have a healthy weight loss; we suggest consuming caffeinated products in moderation.

Keep your diet focused on the whole foods

Whole foods prove to be much healthier than refined carbs. They can keep you full and are ideal for your health too. So, stay away from processed foods if you wish to have a healthy weight loss.

Chew your food and consume it slowly

If you eat fast and do not chew your food, you are bound to gain weight. So, it is essential you chew your food well and help your weight-reducing hormones to work well. Apart from your weight loss program, eating in a hurry and not chewing your food properly is not a healthy habit.

Always get good sleep

Having a sound sleep is an essential part of healthy living. And one of the side effects of not having adequate sleep is gaining weight. So, to ensure your weight loss diet plan to work well, get good sleep each night.

Sample meal ideas to weight loss

When you are planning to make an effective diet plan for weight loss, it is essential you include the right foods. Whether you follow a simple 1,200 calorie diet plan or anything else, all the meal ideas below will help you. So, let us check out some of the sample meal ideas you to lose weight:

Some of the whole grains you can include in your meals are whole wheat, quinoa, whole oats, barley, rye and bran.

Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Meal Ideas – Breakfast

Since breakfast is the most important meal, it is essential you include protein into your diet. Here is a sample idea you can use to include in your weight loss diet plan:

  • Consume one boiled or poached egg. Then add one or two slices of avocados. If you like having berries, add in a few.
  • If you like having omelets, then add in some mushrooms and spinach.
  • Smoothies can go well with a well-planned breakfast. Add in some avocado, nut milk, and spinach. For a boost of fiber, you can add in some chia or flaxseeds.
  • Another great breakfast can be Greek yogurt. All you need to do is add in some almonds and berries.

Meal Ideas – Lunch

I If you have a heavy breakfast, your sure to be full until lunchtime. So, your lunch also must include foods that good for you and low in carbs. Some of the lunch ideas are:

  • You can try out the smoked salmon if you like having non-vegetarian. All you need to do is add asparagus and a slice of avocado for healthy fats.
  • Another superb lunch idea can be the lettuce wrap. All you need to do is take the grilled chicken and wrap it with salsa, red pepper, and black beans.
  • If you love following the vegan diet, then go for the spinach and kale salad. Do not forget to top the salad with some guacamole, chickpeas, and tofu.

Meal Ideas – Dinner

Some of the dinners to try out in your weight loss process are:

  • Salads with grilled chicken, avocado, spices, and peppers
  • Baked turkey with cheese, onions, mushrooms, and peppers
  • Salad with cucumbers, white beans, olive oil, cucumbers, asparagus, and kale
  • You can also try out pine nuts, with roasted cauliflower and tempeh and Brussel sprouts
  • Another great breakfast idea is roasted zucchini with salmon, sesame oil, and ginger.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we are sure you have in front of you the best and simple meal plan to lose weight. So, follow all the tips mentioned above to make sure you have a healthy weight loss.

More so, you should also know how to keep your muscles intact and not lose out on the mass. So, include all the weight-loss friendly foods that keep you full and also curb your frequent hunger. And if you include exercise into your diet, be sure to take help from a trainer to make sure you are doing the right exercises.

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