Get to See Shiny Chimchar in the Pokemon Go Chimchar Community Day

Get to See Shiny Chimchar in the Pokemon Go Chimchar Community Day

There is a piece of terrific news for the Pokemon Go community. There is the introduction of an evolved Pokemon character- Shiny Chimchar. The American Software Company, Niantic has planned to re-introduce all Pokemon. There was a highlight of these Pokemon in the 2019 and 2020 Community Day activities.

It signified that around 22 Pokemon were present on December 12 and 13, 2020. The Shiny Chimchar had the full chances to be revealed on the community days. You will get to see it in a completely different color. The fur of it is of pink color in the place of a typical orange. You want to discover the top collection of Pokemon that has emerged in the great Community days event.  There was a total of 22 Pokemon in this event. You can change or develop these Pokemon in their subsequent or final progressive stages.

Thus, you will attain a massive Pokemon collection that will likely show as Shiny Pokemon. You will obtain Shiny Pokemon in your Shiny Pokemon or a record of shiny sprites. You are arranging a Shiny collection of Pokemon for your Pokedex device.

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Understand Pokedex or Pokemon Zukan

Pokemon fans collect different species of Pokemon in the Pokedex. Now, many new members of the Pokemon community are not familiar with Pokedex. So, it is essential to understand Pokedex or Pokemon Zukan. It is an electronic machine that contains several Pokemon species. You can get information regarding the Pokemon kinds included in the Pokemon, manga series, anime series, and video games.

December 2020’s Total Pokemon Go Collection

You can preview the several Pokemon types featured in December 2020 on the occasion of Community Day. The Pokemon types presented are:

Magmar, Shiny Chimchar, Rhyhorn, Piplup, Seedot, Abra, Gastly, Weedle, Totodile, Magikarp, Treecko, Swinub, Mudkip, Torchic, Slakoth, Ralts, Bagon, Trapinch, Porygon, Turtwig, Electabuzz, and Charmander.

Develop Shiny Chimchar into Shiny Monferno & Shiny Infernape

After collecting the Shiny Chimchar, you can develop it into a Shiny Monferno. Later, you can advance it into Shiny Infernape. A shiny Monferno has a larger fire on its tail. It involves a blue texture on its face. The position of Monferno is higher in the pack. It has a mighty blaze that causes it to lose its control and go wild. There is less possibility that you can view Pokémon’s baby editions. These versions emerge out like an unruly, for example, Magmar’s Magby. In that situation, you can view over 64 strong Shiny Pokemon in these two-day community events. Else, you may find Magmar and Magmortar.

Find Shiny Pokemon Species in the Shiny Pokemon Empire

You can see different Pokemon Shiny kinds like Empoleon, Piplup, and Prinplup in the Shiny Pokemon Empire. It is accessible on the Community Days. You can change a Shiny Rhyhorn into a Shiny Rhydon. Later on, you can modify it into a Shiny Rhyperior. Now, you must have realized the outline. This community day will be a crazy event. Many Pokemon lovers have attended this 2-day event to try peculiar Pokemon types. You do not ignore that a Shiny Pokemon may not be shiny unless you hit on them. They will show up Shiny once you win them after sighting.

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How to Attain Shiny and Strong Chimchar?

The Pokemon admirers have witnessed the introduction of Pokemon Gen 8. It is with the Shield and Sword. But Pokemon Go is even now in the middle. The Gen 4 Pokedex is released. Also, there is Gen 5 in the game in recent times. The Community Day denotes the day of grabbing Gen 4. It has initiated Shiny ChimcharIt is a furious ape that develops into Monferno and Infernape. Indeed, it is the most adored Pokemon type of the non-Gen one starters. Many are glad that shiny chimchar has turned up ultimately.

The Community Day of Pokemon Go was active between 11 am to 2 pm. Here, Chimchar spawns were present all over. The additional benefit is the in-demand Blast Burn progress for Infernape. The main objective of several gamers was to achieve three hours only. It is because shiny Chimchar is a singular variety with a blast burn Infernape. Shiny Infernape, similar to his earlier progression, possess dark pink skin. As a result, it shines better. It is evident as the skin color is distinct. You will observe that the blaze on his head alters into a darker pink hue too.

Steps to Follow for Attaining your Shiny Chimchar:

  • Firstly, to get your Shiny Chimchar, you have to take the chances in the game. You may likely see around a five to eight percent spawn rate for it. It means only 1 in 20 or 15 will appear shiny.
  • Secondly, make sure that you take benefits from the three hours by taking chances in the event.
  • Thirdly, if you get the opportunity to mist incense, do it. It will bring in Chimchar at enhanced rates. This same occurs in all the Community Day of Pokemon.
  • Fourthly, you must be fortunate enough to seize a sturdy IV shiny before the community day concludes.

Finally, you have to collect all the candies that you acquired. Now, you have to mature your fresh Shiny Infernape before the event finishes realizing Blast Burn. You will not get this opportunity again. So, be attentive as Blast Burn will disappear. Moreover, it gets tough to discover Shiny Chimchar. During the community day, you can develop any of the highlighted Pokemon to achieve their brilliant move. For this, you need to examine your Pokemon catalog and arrange it. 

In this manner, you will be aware of which Pokemon requires an evolutionary process. It is practical to mark them or rename them provisionally. Also, you can designate the Pokemon type after capturing them.


Community Day is one of the most flourishing aspects introduced by Pokemon Go. Now, we all are moving towards a chilly season where there is no fun. It will be difficult to go outdoors to capture Pokemon. Also, it becomes a less engaging activity in cold places. But you have to survive the coldness boldly to get your Shiny Chimchar.


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