Top Most Icebreaker Games To Play When Bored! Games For Windows, Mac, Android, And iOS

Top Most Icebreaker Games To Play When Bored! Games For Windows, Mac, Android, And iOS

Are you looking for something like an icebreaker to help you refreshing your mood if you feel bored? Almost everyone using gadgets and technologies want to play exciting games to waste their few minutes. There is nothing new if you would like to know about games where you can pass your time.

Therefore, in this exciting article, I will share the top five most preferred games to play when bored. I will share five games for each operating system so that you can play them to pass your time no matter what type of gadgets and operating systems you use. 

Top 5 Windows Games To Play When You Feel Bored:

Windows Games are not something new that you have heard. You must have used windows once in your life, even if you are using Mac now. When you feel bored at your office, home, and labs, you can use these best windows games to play when bored to refresh your mood.

World Of Tanks:

If you like a strategic game with shooting experience, then this game is for you. The game is a multiplayer game, and you can play it online. It has been entertaining users for many years and still is one of the most famous games for the windows operating system. The authority of this game continuously makes efforts to bring updates and the latest versions.

Impact of Winter

Have you ever experienced what it takes if you want to survive in the winter? This game gives this thriller and adventurous experience when you play. You can have feelings about what happens if you are alone for 30 days in cold weather and winter. There are various winter challenges that you can finish and proceed in the game.

Guardian Of The Galaxy – The Telltale Series:

Who is not a fan of Marvel Comics and Marvel Movies? You can play guardians of the galaxy with all characters like Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, and some negative roles. The storyline is Sligo different from the movie. The heroes discovered an ANTIFACT and want to get it in their hands. So, they all are behind it.

Ghost Warrior 3 (Sniper):

Sniper games have a separated fan base in the gaming industry. Almost everyone who likes to play action games loves to play sniper games. In this game, you can take challenges, fight enemies, and enter into a difficult-mission worldwide. You can play as a sniper, ghost, warrior, or you can play as all of them. It makes this sniper game mor3 exciting and thriller.

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Are you a fan of adventure games? Your play starts as Teddy’s role, who is a man venturing through the frozen afterlife looking for his daughter (a three years old baby girl) and her kidnapper who kidnapped her. As soon as you proceed in this game, you can find the dark secrets that Teddy had in his past. In this game, your fight is against the demonic nemesis of Teddy, Mr. Pinstripe.

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Top 5 Mac Games To Play When You Feel Bored:

For Mac users, I have searched and found the five most famous and exciting games that help pass your time if you feel bored. Read more about these games in this section to find out the best games for your interests, likes, and dislikes.


Do you want to experience isolation in Wyoming Wilderness? If yes, then this game is for you. Your role in this game is Henry, responsible for the fire and maintaining the forest. You have to keep a watch on plumes and smokes. There is one radio given to you for connecting with the outside world, and it is the only connection offered to you.

Stardew Valley:

This Mac game is one of Mac’s most favorite games among users, and developers have given Stardew Valley a Harvest Moon-inspired farming experience. It costs approximately 20 US Dollars maximum. At the beginning of this game, the things you have are old tools to use, a little money, and a piece of land that the grandfather of the character has left behind.

Rocket League:

Have you ever heard about an award-winning indie game? Rocket League has won the award. For FIFA game lovers, I have suggestions for them to play this game at once. If you feel bored, this game will surely be helpful to you. It is a game of soccer that you play with cars. You can play individually and as a team. All the required is to drive your battle-car and steer it to hit the ball.


Have you ever heard of a game with the concept of dog-eat-dog? In this game, you are given an open place in the world of wilderness. You can play as a buck-naked person focusing on one thing that is to survive. You have to hunt animals to prepare food. You will start by stealing supplies and constructing your shelter. You have to defend yourself from other players.

Total War – Warhammer II:

What do you think about playing a strategic game? There is nothing far better they Warhammer II when it comes to thinking about strategic games. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay, but you can also do some replays of the parts that have ended. This game has such a complex story and storyline, and it gives you a whole new experience each time you play.

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Top 5 Android Games To Play When You Feel Bored:

It is essential to add this section because most technology users have shifted towards mobile devices. I have prepared a list of uncommon games for Android users that helps you spend time when you feel bored. Go through this section to find out the game-your-type.

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Crossy Road:

This game is free and gives you a chicken across the road that streams. All you need to do is to try to protect it against cars. It should not come in contact with cars or should not fall into the water. This game is simple, addictive, family-friendly, and gives too much fun.

Pocket City:

There are two versions of this game. Either you can use a free version or the paid version by paying 4.99 US Dollars. If you have played SIM City, you can say it is similar to it. Create some cities, cities, cities, keep people happy, and many more fun activities you can do here.

Game Of Thrones:

This game costs you only 2.99 to 3.99 US Dollars. These types of games work on entertaining cards. If you have used Tinder, then you will see these types of games are similar to it. You get to view a card popping up with various scenarios and choices. You can swipe to answer various-scenarios.

SEGA Forever Games:

If you have not played SEGA, you are not the master in gaming, said lots of people because of their experiences with this game. Many games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Vectorman, Gunstar Heroes, Super Monkey Ball, and many more SEGA have offered to users.

Sky Force Reloaded:

Sky Force Reloaded is also available as a free game, but you can buy a paid version for more fun too! This game comes with a series of top-down shooters where heroes like you fly into danger. You require to try to survive all the rounds till the end to win this game.

Top 5 iPhone Games To Play When You Feel Bored:

For iPhone users, I have made it easy to kill your time when users feel bored. Here are the top five best games that most of the users have played to pass their time. Go through this section to find a perfect-game for you so that you can entertain yourself when you feel bored.


LetterPress is a simple free game. Play with your friends and try to fill up the board with your colors. If you have more letters than your competitors, it means you have more points and chances to win. You can steal from your friends too.

Temple Run 2:

The endless running game is right here to give you thrilling experiences. You can click on the notification whenever it provides free minutes, and you can start running into a wildly predecessor and graphics.

Running With Friends:

It is the latest game fr9m Zynga that has launched the series named as friends. It allows you and your Facebook friends to play and survive the Running of the Bulls. 

Room Rocket:

It is freely available in the App Store and is known as a Puzzle-Mystery game. It has thrilling and dangerous visuals, graphics, and music. You can unlock clues and use your touchscreen to explore various narrative mysteries.

Dumb Ways:

If you want the game full of adventures, then this game is for you. This game features adorable amorphous blobs that have to face imminent deaths in the most imaginative and possible ways.

Wrapping Up:

If you were looking for entertaining games to play when bored, I am sure this article has helped you find the best games to play. I have plotted the top 5 best games for all primary operating systems to play and kill your time when you feel bored. Therefore, you can find games to play whenever you feel bored, no matter what operating systems and gadgets you use. Download and install these games to play when you feel bored.

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