Best Foods to Lose Weight: 16 Natural Weight Loss Foods 

Best Foods to Lose Weight: 16 Natural Weight Loss Foods 

Are you searching for the best foods to lose weight? Do the numerous weight loss foods confuse you? It is challenging to bring together all the natural weight loss foods and curate a well-balanced diet chart. But when you’re reading our blog, you’ll surely get all the foods that an idea on what to eat for weight loss. Please scroll down to know the best foods to lose weight and the nutrients they include.

Best Foods to Lose Weight

If you’re on a 7 day diet plan for weight loss or on any other regime that helps lose weight, choosing the right kind of food is essential. Only such foods will help you undergo a successful weight loss process. So, below we have curated a platter of all the best foods to lose weight:


Celery stalks are not only low in calories but also offer tons of health benefits. You can consume them to deal with inflammation as it supplies you with antioxidants, which can help fight off free radicals. Such harmful substances often lead to deadly diseases like cancer and chronic illnesses.

Also, it contains a kind of compound known as apiuman, which can help improve gastrointestinal health. You can consume celery to enhance your metabolism, which keeps your gut healthy and promotes weight loss. So, you can very well say goodbye to your constipation that induces weight gain by consuming celery.


You know an apple a day keeps the doctor away! But do you know it is a great fruit to lose weight too? Since apples are a rich source of antioxidants, you can easily remove your body toxins by having apples. More so, it can even contribute to reducing body inflammation and unnecessary weight gain.

If you talk about fiber-rich foods, then apples have indeed made it to the list. One apple has more than five grams of fiber content that can keep you full and help munch something healthy during snack time. Apples contain a microbiome that keeps your gut healthy, which is essential if you’re thinking of improved metabolism.


There is a recent buzz about the benefits of kombucha and weight loss that is making groundbreaking facts. Are you wondering what kombucha is? Well, it is a fermented form of tea that is power-packed with probiotics.

The good bacteria present in kombucha is great for your intestines. More so, your digestive tract remains healthy and happy. Also, recent studies show that you can treat obesity by consuming probiotics. Isn’t that exciting?

You can very well go ahead and replace your beer or midday juice consumption by drinking this super trendy drink. More so, it is a hundred or more low in calories in comparison to other beverages. One cup of kombucha contains only 45 calories.


Are you looking for a diet chart for weight loss? Don’t forget to mention another super probiotic drink -sauerkraut! Since this drink undergoes fermentation, it is power-packed with probiotics. All these pro-bacteria keep your gut healthy and promotes digestive health. If you’re searching for the best foods to lose weight, then consume yogurt, miso, kimchi, or kefir instead sauerkraut.

Chia Seeds

These little seeds are proven to be dynamite when thinking of weight loss. One serving or two tablespoons of chia seeds can supply you with 10 grams of fiber content. When you consume 10 grams of fiber in one serving, you can meet up the 40% of daily fiber intake.

It keeps you full for a long time, which will curb the munching on unhealthy snacks. Also, another exciting fact about chia seeds is that it can expand in water. So, it is possible that chia seeds grow in your gut and can give you a feeling of fullness. But if you have a sensitive digestive tract, chia seeds might not be the ideal food option for you as it may cause bloating and unwanted gas.

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But if you still wish to include them into your diet chart for weight loss, add them into your smoothies, yogurt, or morning cereals.


How to lose weight fast? Is that the question your searching for an answer? Well, if you’re thinking of weight loss, then greens are the most crucial inclusions. There is nothing like adding leafy greens like kale to your daily diet plan. They count among the natural foods to lose weight.

Besides containing a considerable amount of fiber content, kale includes loads of antioxidants and other nutrients that benefit your health overall. You can eat kale to reduce inflammation, keep your digestive system healthy, and also promote weight loss.

If you ever face any problem in digesting kale, then add some lemon juice or rub some olive oil. This will make the leaves rough a lot lesser and even help you digest better.


Ghee counts among the natural foods for weight loss and is a staple food found in all Indian kitchens. You can easily swap butter using the Ayurvedic food or even prominently known medicine – Ghee.

You can add them to your bulletproof coffee, broccoli stir-fries, or baked goods. And of course, be sure to provide yourself with a good load of nutrients. Simply put, you can say that ghee is a kind of buttery substance made from milk cream, which possesses all the proteins of cow milk with the absence of sugar lactose.

If you’re allergic to lactose, then ghee proves to be a great option. More so, adding one spoon to your diet will keep you in good health. But remember to restrict yourself up to one scoop only because of the presence of saturated fat in it.

Spaghetti Squash

When you’re making a full-proof list of the best foods to lose weight, add spaghetti squash to it. You will notice that an American consumes around 15.5 pounds of pasta in one year, mostly made out of white flour. The white flour pasta is unhealthy and contains little or no macronutrients and fiber. On the other hand, the spaghetti squash is extremely low in calories. One cup of squash spaghetti can provide you with only 40 calories, 75% less calories than other pasta. More so, it can supply you with an adequate amount of potassium, vitamin A and other nutrients.

So, if you want to fit yourself into that bodycon dress and want to lose weight fast, swap white flour pasta with squash spaghetti.

Best Foods to Lose Weight


When you are jotting down all the best foods to lose weight are, it’s equally important to have equally all possible substitutes. So, you need to check out an alternative for your favorite ketchup too. So, salsa can be an excellent swap for ketchup, which will be healthy and contribute to your weight loss process.

Each tablespoon of ketchup contains around four grams of sugar and 19 calories. Simultaneously, a fresh tomato sauce will have only five calories in each tablespoon with no added sugar present in it.

Tomatoes itself is a nutritious veggie that keeps you in good help and can supply you with vitamins, antioxidants, and much more. More so, if you can bear a little bit of spice, pop in some jalapenos to enjoy the best of both. Jalapenos are also natural foods for weight loss.


What tops the list when you think about high fiber cereal? Oats indeed make it to the top of that list. With one cup of oats, you will be getting around four grams of fiber with is an excellent option if you want to know how to lose belly fat. Moreover, oats are a great substitute if you’re going to consume low calories and keep yourself full until lunchtime. It is a much healthier option than cornflakes or other packaged cereal options you find at a grocery store. You can even compare the protein of oats to an egg, too – both supply you with equal amounts of protein.

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Greek Yogurt

Yogurt makes its way always to a diet chart for weight loss. It contains probiotics and other nutrients, which is an excellent choice for a balanced diet chart. Moreover, all probiotics in yogurt can keep your digestive system healthy, just like sauerkraut and kombucha. With an adequate supply of protein, yogurt proves to be an excellent food inclusion. If you want to make the best diet plan for yourself, add Greek yogurt to the list.


Like any fiber and protein-rich food does, eggs also supply you significantly with lots of protein and vitamins and keep you full for a long time. More so, when you have eggs, your calorie intake is also low and yet provides you a lot a significant amount of protein. It is also a great source of healthy fats, antioxidants, and amino acids, which are crucial when thinking of a well-balanced diet plan.


Quinoa is an emerging food that has pathbreaking benefits. One cup of quinoa supplies your body with around 220 calories and lots of fiber and protein. More so, it counts among the plant-based protein that can provide you with all the essential amino acids which very few vegan foods supply. So, you can include quinoa into your diet daily and be sure to have lean muscles and lose out your excess fat.

Whole Grains

We have indeed mentioned quinoa separately in the list of best foods to lose weight. But generally, whole grains like rice, pasta, cereal, and much more are best when eaten in whole grains.

The refined white grains aren’t right for your health and contributes to numerous health problem. So, it’s always best you consume whole grains to reduce your calorie intake, speed up your metabolism, and increase digestion. Moreover, whole grains contain healthy fibers that are good for your heart, unlike refined grains.


When talking about natural weight loss foods, almonds do make it to the list. Nuts indeed don’t count among the low-calorie foods, but they do possess other good properties for you.

Almonds contain fiber, protein, and heart-healthy fats to keep your lipid profile and cholesterol levels in control. They are also great in improving the weight loss process because they are healthy to consume and can keep you full for long. Also, studies show that almonds prove to be among the foods to lose belly fat. Isn’t that super amazing?

Cayenne Pepper

If you want to know how to lose weight fast, give your diet and palate some spice. Adding up spicy foods to your diet is one of the most incredible weight loss tips. Cayenne pepper contains an active compound which is known as capsaicin. This active ingredient brings in the pepper’s spiciness and boosts your metabolism to promote weight loss.

According to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who were supplemented with capsaicin in one meal ate 200 calories lesser during their next meal. So, you can easily conclude that spicy foods are a great inclusion if you’re on a weight loss regime.

Best Foods to Lose Weight

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the list of best foods to lose weight, curating a diet chart will be super easy. But always remember to have a balanced diet to ensure a healthy weight loss. More so, also focus on consuming a well-balanced diet to avoid getting a deficiency of any nutrient.

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