Truth about Amla Juice Side Effects

Truth about Amla Juice Side Effects

Nutrient packed amla is stuffed with great health benefits. However, this super fruit is not free from some side effects. Excessive drinking of Amla juice can cause some side effects. Amla juice side effects include acid reflux, constipation, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and allergy. Consuming amla juice may not be suitable for people with special health conditions like low blood pressure, Anemia or on treatment of any anticoagulant.

Many a times in life, your goodness turns against you. Don’t they? Case with Super fruit Amla is the same. Amla Juice is helpful in improving digestion, detoxifying body through diuretic action, reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and act as coolant. However excess intake of amla juice may be cause effects that are undesirable. We discuss some of the amla juice side effects here

Lead to mild constipation

Amla is considered stimulant for digestive system and its dietary fibers are considered good for treating constipation. Even though amla juice helps to strengthen the digestive system, excess intake can cause constipation by hardening of stool. This is often due to reduction of fluid intake due to diuretic effect of Amla juice. This all leads to mild constipation like symptoms. Hence intake of excess amla juice should be coupled with intake of appropriate amount of water.

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Dryness of skin

The diuretic nature of amla juice is excellent for detoxifying the body, but it can lead to dehydration, which will show itself on your skin. Be sure to drink enough water in conjunction with amla juice.

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Amla has strong astringent effect and used in hair mask and face pack. However, if not used along with appropriate moisturizer, it may lead to Scalp or skin dryness.

May cause acid reflux

Amla juice is best taken on empty stomach to stimulate cleansing action. However, strong vitamin C content in amla juice due to excess intake may disturb the balance of acids in stomach.

Lowering of blood pressure

Amla juice has ability to reduce blood pressure. However excess intake, especially in case of people suffering from low blood pressure will cause effects which are not desirable. This amla juice side effect is also seen with its interaction with other blood pressure regulating drugs.

Reducing sugar levels

Amla juice is excellent food for diabetic. It has ability to regulate blood sugar levels in body. However excess amla juice results in side effect like hypoglycemia, where blood sugar drops. Hence, people suffering from low blood sugar should take note while consuming amla juice. Along with other benefits, they may have to handle this side effect which in other case is a boon.

Possible allergic reactions

Not much scientific evidence is available suggesting allergic reactions of amla juice. However, it may cause mild stomach upset, diarrhea or nausea in some people. This is result of megadose of vitamin C, which can be mildly reactive.

Worsen cold and flu condition

Amla is natural coolant and regulates blood temperature. During cold and flu condition, amla juice should be taken in warm water along with honey in case of suffering from cold and flu.

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Side effects of excess Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays important role in iron absorption. Large dose of vitamin C may hamper iron metabolism. Studies also associate large amount of Vitamin C with chances of getting kidney stone. Sickle cell disease worsens on large intake of vitamin C. With large dose of vitamin C in Amla juice, you may have to take care of some side effects associated with Vitamin C

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Interaction with other drugs

Gooseberry juice side effects include its interaction with drugs for heart diseases, anti coagulants and diabetes. In absence of medical advice, avoid taking Amla juice during pregnancy. Extreme caution required for intake of Amla juice by infants, as normal dose for infants is not established and over dosage of amla juice is possible.

Having listed amla juice side effects, Amla juice benefits are far more than its side impact. Avoiding overdose is best way of enjoying amla juice benefits without any side effects.

Do you use amla juice? Have you experienced any amla juice side effects? Feel free to share the same here.

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