8 Powerful Hair Oil Treatment

8 Powerful Hair Oil Treatment

In this modern, fast paced world, where fashion trends keep changing by the minute, it’s only natural that people want to keep up with the latest drifts, whether it be clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup or even hair styles. Now, with the availability of various hair products and styling tools, it’s possible to transform your hair to any style, type and texture – curly, straight, wavy and what not!  From coloring to styling to heat treatments and plenty more, we put our hair through a lot of processes. But have you ever stopped to think how much damage all these will cause to your hair? In addition to styling and hair products, the other factors that affect the health of the hair are pollution, improper diet, stress and certain medical conditions.

Who doesn’t love beautiful, shiny and soft hair? But unfortunately, not all of us are born with a full head of hair and even if you are, it takes a little bit of care and effort on your part to maintain that gorgeous hair. A well nourished and moisturized scalp is the secret to healthy and strong hair. So, you need a good remedy for nourishing your hair, moisturizing it, reducing the damages and regaining its health and beauty.

Regular hair oil treatment is the best way to achieve all this is. Oiling your hair moisturizes it, nourishes the scalp and adds shine to your locks. Hair oil treatments are great for solving a wide range of hair issues such as hair fall, breakage, thinning, split ends and reduced hair growth. Treating hair and scalp with oil is also a great remedy for scalp related issues like dandruff, dryness and itchy scalp.

The type of hair varies from person to person and for that reason the type of hair oil treatment also varies for everyone. Therefore, it’s important to understand the benefits of hair oil treatments and choose the right oil that suits your hair needs. Here are some of the best hair oil treatments for different types of hair:

  1. Coconut Oil hair treatment – Improves hair strength, universal hair type

When it comes to hair oils and hair oil treatment, coconut oil definitely tops the list in terms of efficacy and popularity. Widely available and cheap, coconut oil is rich in essential vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin K, and fatty acids. Coconut oil can be applied to any type of hair, which makes coconut hair oil treatment versatile.

Regular application of the coconut oil strengthens the hair roots, moisturizes and conditions your hair and makes your hair thicker, stronger and shinier. It acts as a natural sunscreen and the presence of antimicrobial agents such as lauric acid and capric acids makes it effective in eliminating scalp conditions like dandruff and dry scalp. You can also style your hair after applying some coconut oil on the hair.

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Simplest coconut hair oil treatment is to massage coconut oil onto the scalp and hair and leave it on overnight. Wash off the oil the next day with a mild shampoo. Do this treatment once / twice a week for best results.

  1. Olive Oil hair treatment – split ends and damaged hair

Worried about split ends and damaged hair? The emollient and lubricant properties of olive oil can get rid of these hair problems easily. Olive oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acids and vitamins D3, E and K, all of which are extremely beneficial to your hair. These nutrients help in reducing split ends, moisturizing your hair, softening it and increasing the volume of hair.

To use Olive oil for hair, first warm one or two tablespoons of the oil and then massage it on to your hair. Massage the oil on your scalp as well, if you have dry hair. Leave it on for at least an hour or preferably overnight and then wash off with a shampoo.

  1. Almond Oil hair treatment – for dull and dry hair

Almond oil is a great remedy for dull and dry hair. High in vitamins A, B, and E, and minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium, the oil is helpful in promoting hair growth, reducing split ends, addingluster to dull hair, preventing hair breakageand improvingblood circulation on the scalp. It contains Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids that provide protection against harmful UV rays of the sun by reflecting them.

Massage almond oil on the scalp for about 15 minutes and leave it on for at least 45 minutes or if possible, overnight. Wash off with a mild shampoo.

While using almond oil for hair growth, add 3 tablespoons of castor oil and a crushed hibiscus flower to 3 tablespoons of almond oil and warm the mixture. Apply the oil on the scalp and massage thoroughly.

  1. Argan Oil hair treatment – liquid gold for damaged hair

Argan Oil, extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree is often referred to as liquid gold because of its ability in solving all kinds of skin and hair problems. Although quite expensive, the oil is the number one remedy if you have damaged hair that has been exposed to regular heating and chemical treatments.

Highly rich in vitamins A, C and E, omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids, along with proteins, squalene and powerful antioxidants like polyphenols and carotenoids, Argan oil is effective in improving the health and strength of your hair. It is also a great remedy for frizzy hair, getting rid of dandruff and reducing the dryness and brittleness of hair often caused by excessive processing and styling.

To use Argan oil for damaged hair, first wash your hair with a shampoo. Instead of applying a conditioner, use argan oil. Leave it on your hair for a few minutes and then rinse off.

  1. Avocado Oil hair treatment – protective oil

Avocado oil has been used for thousands of years as a hair and beauty care product. Regular application of the oil can protect your hair from environmental pollution and damages caused by styling products and heat treatments.

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Avocado oil is an excellent source of fatty acids, minerals like zinc and magnesium, and vitamins like A, B1, C, D, E and K. All these nutrients work hand in hand to deliver healthy and amazing tresses by strengthening your hair, promoting hair growth, providing nourishment and moisturization, preventing scalp problems and inhibiting premature graying of hair.

Combine 5 tablespoons of avocado oil with equal amounts of coconut oil and warm the mixture. Wash your hair and then apply the oil mixture. Leave it on for at least 15 to 20 minutes and wash your hair with a shampoo.

  1. Amla Oil hair treatment – hair darkening and nourishment

Amla oil is an age-old remedy for treating all sorts of hair problems and has been used in ayurvedic system of medicine for centuries as an essential healing ingredient.

What makes amla oil so beneficial to mankind is the fact that it is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids. The benefits offered by amla oil to hair include proper nourishment, moisturization, improved hair growth, reduced hair fall, elimination of dandruff and other scalp problems, reduced hair breakage and hair loss, darkening of hair as well as prevention of premature graying of hair.

Using a comb, part your hair. Apply amla oil on the scalp and massage thoroughly for a few minutes. Leave it on for at least an hour and then rinse off with a shampoo.

  1. Castor Oil hair treatment – less known, yet nourishing for hair

Although castor oil is used as a remedy for a variety of health-related issues, its importance in hair care is not known to many people. Not only does the oil improve the health and strength of your hair, but is also a great promoter of hair growth.

Rich in protein, minerals, vitamin E and Omega 9 fatty acid, castor oil is one of the best type of nutrition you can give your hair. Regular application of the oil is beneficial in moisturizing and conditioning hair, promoting hair growth, controlling hair loss, fighting dandruff and scalp problems, controlling split ends, taming frizzy hair, maintaining the pH balance of scalp and preventing premature greying of hair.

To use castor oil on hair, first mix it with an essential oil and then warm the mixture. Slightly wet your hair and massage the oil mixture on to the scalp. Leave it on at least for an hour or overnight and then wash off with a shampoo.

  1. Jojoba Oil hair treatment – natural source of scalp sebum

Jojoba oil is almost like the natural oil produced by the scalp, called sebum. Extracted from the seeds of the jojoba tree, the oil is highly rich in vitamin E, vitamin B complex, copper, chromium, selenium, zinc and Iodine. Jojoba is an excellent remedy for treating dandruff, hair and scalp moisturization, treating split ends, treating damaged hair, controlling hair loss, supporting hair growth and adding volume to hair.

Apply a few drops of jojoba oil on your scalp and massage thoroughly. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off using a shampoo.

As you can see, there aren’t any hair related problems that can’t be solved by regular hair oil treatment. Hair oils are available in plenty and although these oils are effective in solving a common set of hair problems, certain issues require the use of specific oils. So, it is important to determine the type of hair problem you have and then choose the right oil that will help cure it.

Try any of the oils mentioned above and let us know if hair oil treatment has helped you!

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