Flax seed and weight loss

Flax seed and weight loss

Do flax seeds help weight loss?

Association of Flax seed and weight loss is very popular and found widely on internet. Of the first few pages on search engine there are no credible sources which can establish claim of flax seed reducing weight. Lets try to see some facts on flax seeds and its benefits for weight loss if any.

While we discuss weight loss, it is important to understand contents of flax seed and decide ourselves if at all flax seed can reduce weight. Consider 100 grams of whole flax seed. You should be surprised to know that it would provide over 530 calories. Consider this in context that an adult requires about 2000 calories per day. Or munching 100 grams of flax seed is equivalent to consuming 8 loaf of bread or two servings of a popular chocolate. Now if you are conscious of weight loss and how much junk calories you are adding to diet, you would stay away from flax seed, wont you?

health benefits of flax seedTo add, more than 60% of these calories come from fats alone. Only positive side of these high calories is that, these fatty acids are mainly omega 3 fatty acids. Flax seed contain about 22% Omega 3 fatty acids by weight. This shall mean that if you are consuming a supplement of omega 3 fatty acid which is about 25 gram, it shall be nearly same as 100 grams of flax seed. Two third of fats are omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. But one third is till other saturated fats.

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100 grams of flax seed would contain Protein about 19% by weight which shall suffice one third of you daily need. Intake of proteins is essential if your considering a weight loss. Protein rich diet often complements to your efforts of reducing weight. If you have a work out regime where there is considerable loss of tissues, flax seed proteins shall help you repair body tissues and muscles.

Flax seed has antioxidant minerals like manganese, magnesium, zinc and selenium in ample quantity which helps keep your body clean inside and free from radicals which cause aging. Detoxification is essential when you think of losing weight. Flax seed can help you in detoxify your body.

Flax seeds are low on cholesterol and sodium too, which is good for your weight loss.

Weight gain is often associated with over eating of food or cravings for eating. Flax seed contains mucilage / gums / gel forming fibers which forms gel and prevents rapid emptying of your stomach. This not only improves the absorption of nutrients in flax seed but also reduces your cravings. However it is essential you drink lots of fluids along with flax seed.

Digestive problems often lead to insufficient nutrients and over eating. Flax seed helps keep you free from digestive tract illness.

Diabetes is one of the causes of obesity and weight gain. Research has shown that flax seed reduces blood sugar levels and is helpful in preventing diabetes. Further if flax seed may not help overweight people directly, it can definitely help them prevent cardio vascular disease risk and other conditions which are associated with overweight.

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Interestingly, though flax seed are high calorie food, flax seed would keeps you active, alert and energetic and thus burn off much more calories.

We would not directly recommend flax seed for weight loss. However your diet can be built around flax seed to help you lose weight. Some tips for using flax seed for weight loss:

Tips for using flax seed for weight loss

  • Cut other fats in diet if you are consuming fats. Flax seed would meet your fat requirement. Combination of protein, mineral rich diet along with flax seed can be looked for weight loss.
  • Do not buy ground flax seed. Nutrient content deteriorates once its ground. Use whole flax seed and ground it fresh.
  • Avoid cooking or heating flax seed.

If you are interested in using flaxseed or flaxseed oil for weight loss, our information is only to help you decide based on facts about flaxseed. You should always consult a practicing health care professional or dietician for further help.


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