Amla working wonders for your hair

Amla working wonders for your hair

Amla hair oil has been long believed to make hair long and dark. It is widely used in India mainly by women. Today you find sudden surge of amla based hair products in the market – Amla hair oil, amla shampoo, amla conditioners. All thanks to benefits of Amla for your hair.

Benefits of Amla for your hair

Some of the direct benefits of Amla for your hair are

  1. Traditionally it is known for hair growth and reduces hair losses.
  2. It acts on your scalp and hair root and strengthens them.
  3. Indian Gooseberry acts as natural hair tonic and promotes hair pigmentation. Amla controls pre mature graying of hair and is a natural dye for your hair.
  4. Mixed with Henna powder or Mehendi and kept over night, it helps enhance colour of Henna and offers dark colour to your hair.
  5. Indian Gooseberry prevents lices and other skin infections. It prevents recurrence of dandruff. Dandruff is hair problem which affects majority of people. It is induced due to physical and mental stress, decrease of immunity and infections. Alma acts on most reasons causing dandruff and offers you healthy and clean scalp.
  6. Massaging Indian Gooseberry hair oil calms nerves and induces sound sleep, apart from being good for hair.
  7. Bioactive phytonutrients in Amla helps provide essential nutrients to your hair. With strong antioxidant property, it protects hair from pollution. It also provides essential nutrients which are required for texture of your hair and offers strong hair. It provides lusture for dry and dull hair.
  8. Amla fruit has property of protecting cells from ultra violet light and protects from damage. It prevents photoaging of cells.
  9. If you have thin hair, its better if your replace your hair oil with Amla hair oil. Amla oil along with sheekakai and henna prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth and thus treat thinning of hair.
  10. Benefits of Amla for skin help keep healthy scalp and thus healthy hair. Amla powder paste along with yogurt is home remedy for itchy scalp.
  11. Amla is believed to cure Allopacia areata. Alopecia areata occurs when body immune system attacks hair follicles and results in hair loss. Amla increases body immunity and acts as hair tonic. Amla offers phytonutrients which revitalizes hair follicles.
  12. Amla has cooling effect and relieves heat sensation on your scalp.
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How to make Amla Hair Oil at home?

long hairDried amla fruits are used in making Amla hair oil. If you buy raw amla fruit, cut the into pieces and allow them to dry in sunlight. When dried, they become light weight, hard and dark in colour. Prepare amla powder by grinding them. Amla powder are also available in market; you can start your preparation with amla powder.

Amla oil essentially relies on a oil base. Coconut oil which is also considered very good for your skin forms an excellent base. Mix amla powder in coconut oil and heat the oil on gentle flame. Heat till you see fumes coming out. Allow the oil to cool. This oil will be dark in colour with some residues of amla powder. You may like to stain the cooled oil and store in air tight container.

How to use Amla hair oil?

You can apply amla hair oil to your scalp at night. It helps oil to reach your hair roots and absorb quickly by hair. Gently massage your scalp. Apply some oil to your hair as well. Allow amla oil overnight period to work wonders for your skin. Wash your hair next day. You can also apply amla hair oil in morning after you wash your hair as a conditioner.

Other Amla hair care products

Amla Scalp pack – You can read about benefits of amla for skin. Mix amla powder with honey and yogurt. Apply this to your scalp. Allow to remain for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. It not only benefits on dandruff problem but also offers clean scalp.

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Amla Anti dandruff pack – Mix Amla powder, lemon juice and honey together. All three are powerful ingredients on dandruff. Apply the paste to your scalp, let it work for 15 minutes and wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner.

Aloe vera Amla hair gel – Mix small quantity of amla powder along with aloevera gel. It works great as hair gel.

Using Amla with Shikakai, Reetha or Heena

Amla, Shikakai, Reetha and Heena powerful natural substances which have benefits for your skin.  Most of the Ayurvedic herbal formulations work around them. Some formulations are discussed below:

  • Mix one tablespoon of Amla, Reetha and Shikakai each in water. Allow this to boil till volume reduces to half. You can use this as herbal shampoo regularly.
  • For preparing home made tonic from Amla, Reetha and Shikakai, mix two tablespoon each in bowl with two eggs. Apply this mixture to hair and scalp. Together you find natural remedy for many hair problems.

Best results occur if you soak Amla, Reetha and Shikakai in iron vessel and keep them overnight. Amla contains chemicals which react with iron and offers dark colour to your skin and reduces graying of hair.

Precautions / Side effects

If you are too cautious about your hair colour or have blonde hair, apply amla hair care products to small section of your hair to see any adverse change in colour. Amla naturally induces skin pigmentation.


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