Health benefits of Parsley

Health benefits of Parsley

Parsley herb

Nutritional Value of Parsley: A major number of Vitamins are found in sufficient quantities in Parsley. These are Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Folic acid. Besides the Vitamins the amount of Iron is also more. Vitamin K content in Parsley is more than one and half times of daily dietary value.

Chemical Composition of Parsley: Parsley contains various essential oil and flavonoids which contribute to some of its medicinal properties. Menthatriene is reported to be one of the compounds that contribute to the aroma of parsley. Amongst other compounds, volatile oil components—including myristicin, limonene, eugenol, and alpha-thujene and flavonoids—including apiin, apigenin, crisoeriol, and luteolin are present in parsley.

Health benefits of Parsley:

Health benefits of Parsley can be attributed to some of medicinal properties like antioxidant, stimulant, diuretic, antiseptic and others.

Parsley as a Chemoprotective Food: Studies have found that Myristicin, a compound also found in Parsley tends to inhibit tumours particularly formed in lungs.

Luteolin and some other flavonoids present in parsley show strong antioxidant properties. Thus they help in removal of free radicals.  Parsley also contains Vitamin C which shows anti oxidant properties. Vitamin C along with Vitamin A are responsible for reducing free radical levels in the body. Parsley with these vitamin and flavonoids, makes it natural anti inflammatory agent.

Parsley also provides good source of natural Folic acid, one of the most essential B Vitamins. It is essential for healthy heart. It is crucial nutrient for proper cell division and important in pregnancy.

Parsley as a remedy for skin ailments: Bergapten and Luteolin present in Parsley aids in treatment of various skin ailments. Parsley is used for treatment of skin allergies and other inflammatory disorders.

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Parsley is a strong detoxifier and can be used to remove toxins from the body. Parsley helps neutralizes harmful effects of smoking and alcohol. It promotes health of internal organs and increases immunity.

Parsley is popularly known as an effective remedy for bad breath. However these claims haven’t got scientific evidence to support.

Parsley is an herb with excellent nutrient profile and various health benefits. However its uses has been mostly limited to culinary use.

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