What Do You Get From 101 Cookbooks? Inventor Motive & Recipe Details.

What Do You Get From 101 Cookbooks? Inventor Motive & Recipe Details.

Do you know how to cook? You may have heard of cookbooks from somewhere so that you can prepare delicious dishes without your mastery. While looking for cookbooks, you came to know about 101 cookbooks. Isn’t it? Yes! Therefore, in this article, I will share to-the-point details about this food blog, who invented it, and how useful these cookbooks in your day-to-day life. I will also discuss what you get by considering these cookbooks. So, you can get a better idea about learning recipes from them.

What Is Meant By 101 Cookbooks?

It is a food blog in California that Heidi Swanson had founded by focusing on healthy recipes that people must know for their day-to-day life. If you are a vegetarian and you don’t know how to prepare healthy recipes, you will get your hands on the best recipes that give you a healthier lifestyle by considering these cookbooks. 

Heidi Swanson’s Cookbooks:

It all started in back 2003 when Heidi Swanson looked at her cookbook. It was huge. However, she realized that she used to prepare the same recipes, over and over, instead of checking out various cookbooks from her collection. Therefore, to change this behavior, she built a website. It happened because she used to cook several delicious and wonderful vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, WFPB recipes, and some Instant Pot recipes. From these recipes, some of her own. However, she was inspired by many cooks and writers. Therefore, she had prepared some recipes from their source.

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This site has featured more than 700 recipes in various categories. Following are the major categories that you can learn from this food blog. Heidi had built this site on 

  1. Vegetarian Recipes
  2. Vegan Recipes
  3. Occasional Sweet Treats
  4. Whole Food Recipe.

What Did These Cookbooks Give Messages?

When she founded her blog, it gave us two messages. The first one is that if you have more than 100 cookbooks, you must stop buying more and start preparing your dishes. The second message is that if you want to know everything about a vegetarian cookbook, then visit this site because it has a great collection of cookbooks for vegetarian recipes for vegetarians.

Know More About Heidi Swanson:

Heidi Swanson is a San Francisco based famous cookbook author. She is also an occasional designer, shop owner, and of course, creator of 101 cookbooks. Heidi is one of the authors who love to travel, clicking pictures, making books, cooking, and hanging out with friends. Besides her personal life, she is a professional writer. Heidi said that her photos were featured in the Washington Post, Vegetarian Times, whole food markets, and NPR. She had done many projects like Street Journal, Life, Shape Magazine, Vegetarian Times, USA Today, Fast Company, Entertainment Weekly, Glamour, and San Francisco Chronicles. Additionally, her book was the New York Times bestseller. 

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She wrote four cookbooks and became a New York Times best selling author. She won the James Beard Award twice. However, she never hesitated to call 101 cookbooks her home. At this place, she explored ideas and interacted with the cook who invited her recipes to their kitchen.

Heidi’s Journey For Her Food Blog:

She said he bought a new cookbook each time whenever she stepped out of her home. She used to go through her collection that increased her interests. Her drawer was full of recipes, cookbooks, and favorite magazines that gave information about flavor, region, and ingredients.

She realized that she didn’t keep all these things in their proper manner and stopped buying cookbooks. Therefore, she started trying new recipes thinking she might get a chance to learn new techniques by exploring unfamiliar ingredients, discovering tracks of new recipes, and documenting her successes and failures. She aimed to encourage and inspire other cooks to do the same. 

As soon as her blog evolved in the early days, she decided to expand. Therefore, she wrote about her recipes that positively affected her life. She was excited because those recipes were from her collection. Sometimes, she used to use recipes from a friend or family member. 

How Heidi Focused On Things?

Heidi said that her focus was on natural, whole food, and ingredients. Therefore, she kept all recipes vegetarian. That you can see it on her food blog because Heidi believes that there is a power of plants, home-cooked foods, and natural foods. Thanks to her focused mind-set, her cookbooks got a chance to feature in various newspaper articles. It won many awards like the people’s choice Webby Award 2005 (it won this award because of the best personal website).

Categories Of Vegetarian Recipes:

Like I have already discussed that 101 cookbooks are for someone vegetarian. In this section, I have listed below each category of recipes that you can use to learn. However, for the full list of recipes, you can visit this blog. This list will give ideas of main and side dishes for preparing meals. Following are recipes categories.

  1. Recipes of whole grain
  2. Recipes of WFPB
  3. Recipes for vegetarians
  4. Recipes for vegan
  5. Recipes of soups
  6. Recipes of side dishes
  7. Recipes of sandwich
  8. Recipes of salads
  9. Recipes of pasta
  10. Recipes of quick dishes
  11. Recipes of the main course
  12. Recipes for law 
  13. Recipes of instant Pot
  14. Recipes for holiday
  15. Recipes for gluten-free meals
  16. Recipes for high protein
  17. Recipes of drinks
  18. Recipes for dinner ideas
  19. Recipes of deserts
  20. Recipes of cookies
  21. Recipes of chocolate
  22. Recipes of baking items
  23. Recipes of appetizers.

101 Cookbooks & Facts Related To It:

In this section, I will share some interesting and informative facts that will amaze you. Do, don’t miss to read this section thoroughly.

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Photography By Heidi:

Heidi said that she received many emails that enquired about her photography. She never hides anything. She has given links to informative articles about her camera and gallery. You can see her frequently posted pictures on heidiswanson.com.

How Did Heidi Build Her Food Blog?

Heidi had built 101 cookbooks on the movable type. However, she said that she was not technically an expert at that time. So, Heidi thanks her in-house supports. She said for various aspects of her blog like building this website, CSS certificates, and many more, Wayne helped her. Additionally, Wayne helped her with adding new features, mobile/iPhone development, and managing content. She has used custom templates for her food blog.

How To Know About Certain Recipes On This Food Blog?

You can enter your favorite recipe in the archives section of 101 cookbooks, and it will show you the results. You can find this search box on the top of the right-hand corner.

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Access Her Recipes On Your Mobile Devices:

Heidi said that she had built this website in an iPhone-friendly version. However, you can operate it with any of the mobile devices and can access her recipes. As soon as you land on her homepage, it will give you suggestions about recent recipes. You can browse all recipes by categories (that I will discuss in the latter part of this article). Or you can search through a search box.

What About Substitution?

Many people prefer to take gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free diets, and it becomes mandatory to use a substitute of ingredients that Heidi suggests. Heidi said that it is not as easy as it looks to rework each recipe using substitute ingredients. Therefore, she never missed advising substitutes if she is confident that those suggestions will work. However, she said that if you prepare recipes suggested by her by using other ingredients, she would love to know about it.

Nutritional Information On Her Food Blog.

Heidi had received numerous requests from many people to post the nutritional values of her recipes. She appreciated all of them. However, she had many questions in her mind, is it enough to use whole grain? Is protein enough? Is water enough? How is the color of the recipe? Are fruits and vegetables good that she used in her recipes? Is the ratio of everything proper? All these questions arose in her brain because she appreciated that people want to monitor their foods and nutritional information. But, she wants to let people decide about it, with the help of some third-party software by slicing and dicing her recipes. Therefore, she has not worked on posting the nutritional value of her recipes. However, things might change in the future.

What About Permissions For Reprinting The Recipes?

She has not prepared some of the recipes posted on her blog. Of course, she takes permission from the author or publisher in writing. She also uses to feature that this recipe is not her if she posts someone else’s recipe on her food blog.

What Ratings Have People Given To This Site?

People have given 4.88 stars out of 5. 13 reviews have given this rating. It satisfies lots of people and ranks 2nd among recipe sites.

Wrapping Up:

Have you learned from 101 cookbooks? How was your experience? If this food blog has helped you, don’t miss to share your reviews with us. Let us know if this article helped you get to the point of information about this food blog.

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